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Figuring This Whole Thing Out

I often think about changing the name of this blog as my food intolerances have changed quite a bit since I started out, and thankfully, have made eating slightly less awkward.

The main change has been my intolerance to gluten which at the beginning (it seemed to worsen at around age 20-21) made me go for various tests at the doctors and spend my evenings in bed with exhaustion/debilitating cramps. These days it just gives me constipation for a couple of days.

As written before, I discovered this was the case when I went full gluten for 6 weeks so I could go for a coeliac disease test! So, it goes to prove that it's always worth testing the boundaries of your food intolerances if you have them.

I was previously very intolerant to coffee, chocolate, bananas, lentils and beans and none of those things give me issues anymore. However new intolerances have appeared, including cucumber and oats (even the GF ones).

And then of course, I have my veganism. (Which actually, especially liv…