Free From Bristol - Tasting Evening at GandD Shop, Keynsham

After a bit of a pause from blogging, it seems appropriate that I jump back into the blogging game with a post on the same subject matter as my previous post!

There's not much that gets me out of the house on a week night, but the tasting evenings at G&D are always worth a trip. They do put on a lovely spread.

As a gluten free vegan, it's a real pleasure to walk into a shop and chat to knowledgeable staff. And have choices. For example, on my last trip, I almost picked up the chocolate I usually get, but was persuaded to try out I-Choc. Their white vanilla chocolate is really something else. And now I crave it all the time! (OK second thoughts, damn you G&D!!)

At the tasting evening, I purchased some tried and tested favourites as I rarely see them all in one place:

Meridian Korma Cooking Sauce - take the effort out of soaking cashews etc for a creamy curry sauce. This one tastes great, not artificial like some jar sauces and no one will know that it's vegan.

Lazy Day Foods Chocolate Orange Slices - I'm a big fan of the Millionaire's Shortbread (usually stocked in Holland & Barrett and Asda) but these ones make a lovely change.

Violife Smoked Flavour 'Cheese' - The best of the Violife range - I eat this straight from the packet but it's also so good on a cracker with pickle, in a sandwich or on pizza. Or on toast with Marmite (my new favourite thing. I have been advised that Marmite is OK for those on a gluten free diet, but not all people want to risk it.) If you normally buy the plain cheddar give the smoked a go. It really is superior!

Zest Vegan Basil Pesto - A jar of this lasts me ages. A tablespoon is easily enough for one portion of pasta and you've still got almost a full jar left. Easy dinners are at your fingertips! Add to pizza if you fancy being extra extravagant.

Voakes Spices Lentil & Vegetable Pie - I've raved about these before. You can see why they are award winning. The crust is held together with spells. This particular pie was full of flavour and easily the best vegan pie I've tried, but the real show stopper is their Sweet Roasted Roots Pie. If you can get your hands on one of these, find a quiet spot, light a candle and savour the moment.

Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea Tea - Their 3 mint tea is my all time favourite but unfortunately they missed the mark with this one. The flavour was too weird for me, sorry Pukka! (If you are looking for a source of Echinacea, Co-op do it in tablet form for a reasonable price.)

Finally some tempeh - One year vegan and I'm trying tempeh for the first time. I marinaded it in soy sauce and some Chinese spices and had it with a stir fry. The texture was very intriguing. More stodgy than I was expecting and fills you up quickly. I left some overnight and added it the next day to some pesto pasta and it seemed a lot more flavoursome and moreish. Not sure if I'll try it again but it was good to say I had!

7 High Street
BS31 1DP

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