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Free From Bristol - Tasting Evening at GandD Shop, Keynsham

After a bit of a pause from blogging, it seems appropriate that I jump back into the blogging game with a post on the same subject matter as my previous post!

There's not much that gets me out of the house on a week night, but the tasting evenings at G&D are always worth a trip. They do put on a lovely spread.

As a gluten free vegan, it's a real pleasure to walk into a shop and chat to knowledgeable staff. And have choices. For example, on my last trip, I almost picked up the chocolate I usually get, but was persuaded to try out I-Choc. Their white vanilla chocolate is really something else. And now I crave it all the time! (OK second thoughts, damn you G&D!!)

At the tasting evening, I purchased some tried and tested favourites as I rarely see them all in one place:

Meridian Korma Cooking Sauce - take the effort out of soaking cashews etc for a creamy curry sauce. This one tastes great, not artificial like some jar sauces and no one will know that it's vegan.