From Awkward to Awkwarder - The Post Veganuary Post

It's been a while since I last wrote. January and February are lost in a mist of long working hours and flu. But the sun is shining and I feel renewed. My writing is rusty again so this post will be very photo heavy.

In January, me and my husband took part in #Veganuary. We liked how it made us feel. I immersed myself in veganism, followed vegans on Instagram and Twitter and absorbed every email from the Veganuary team. I felt the scales fall from my eyes.

I love animals. We have helped to rescue and re-home quite a few during our time as fosterers. What were we doing eating them and supporting the meat, egg and dairy industries? Animals are not 'happy', there is no happy ending or blissful life for animals that are forced to breed, grow unnaturally large too quickly and exist for as little time as possible for as little money as possible. Watching the film Cowspiracy changed my life. It's on Netflix if you want to check it out.

The blog as ever will be about living without gluten, eggs and dairy - but now also about living without meat. The term 'awkward eater' has never been so apt. I'm experimenting more than ever and buying more weird and wonderful products. My whole way of eating has changed. We still eat junk and pig out, but I'm thinking about what I can do to make my meals more nutritious and where my goods fats, calcium and protein is coming from. My body has changed so much. I lost 7 pounds, I don't get spots at all, my digestion is working so well and I have a load of energy. Nothing tastes as good as vegan feels.

My fridge now looks like this;

My breakfasts look like this;

Gluten free and vegan breakfast from Maitreya, Bristol

My work lunches now look like this;
Lemongrass and coconut rice with salad, seeds, sweet chilli humous and egg free salad cream

Our dinners now look like this;
Potato and cauli korma made with cashew cream

Our junk food now looks like this;
Nachos and hot dog from Vx store in Bristol

Going out for a Chinese looks like this;
Gluten free and vegan dishes from Toro in Bristol

And my clothing looks like this;
Tshirt from All Glamour No Guts

Veganuary doesn't stop in January. Head over to their site for more info.

For more gluten free and vegan food pr0n from me, you can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.


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