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IBS at Work - The Results

I was in a cafe with my husband and a friend of ours today. We all suffer from IBS and we were having a fairly open conversation about its joys, particularly how it affects us at work. Our friend said that he's left a room at work before, simply shouting "IBS!" behind him. I responded that there should be a new rule - if you work with someone with IBS, under no circumstances should you stop them for a chat while they're on their way to the loo.

Joking aside IBS at work is a serious issue and one which millions of us face. My survey gave me an interesting insight into the suffering of others. I kept it anonymous so I hope no-one minds me quoting them within this post.

I asked for yes and no answers, but several people elaborated on their responses.

Have you spoken to your manager or HR department about your IBS?

Yes - 34%
No - 66%

Do you have private i.e. completely blocked in loos at work that you can use?

Yes - 47%
No - 53%

Do you aim for the loos during quiet time…

Fusion Cakes and Bakes Launch, Bristol

Bored of brownies, meringues a little mundane? Check out new gluten free cake company 'Fusion Cakes and Bakes'.

I attended their opening evening in a space on Bristol Harbourside (complete with gorgeous sunset, pictured above).

I entered the space and was faced with a long table covered in free from cakes, bakes and loaves. Everything was available to try, you just needed to grab a knife or spoon and tuck in.

Some of the products were both gluten and egg free, including Hazelnut & Chocolate Squares and the Rosemary & Orange Cake.

I cut myself a few slices and sat down with an espresso. I can still taste the rosemary and orange cake now. I'm glad I finally got to try cake with rosemary as it's not something I would have made myself. It was very well balanced with a satisfying dense texture. Definitely the work of someone who knows their onions.

The ingredients used are inventive and healthier than the standard gluten, dairy and egg alternatives. Organic ingredi…