Gluten Free Day Out in Bath

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that Bath caters very well for specialist diets. Areas with a lot of wealth have a higher proportion of places that cater for specialist diets. Why is that? A discussion for another time maybe. 

Me and the husband went for a day out in Bath for my birthday. I found out that there is a bus that goes from the end of my street straight there. It's funny what you find out after 1.5 years of living somewhere. The bus really appealed to me as parking issues have always marred our previous trips to Bath.

We departed at about 9.30am. The logic behind this was that I wanted to get beat the crowds and to get on a quiet bus, And because I wanted to fit in at least 2 meals while I was in Bath. I don't think of myself as greedy, I'm deprived of proper food for most of my waking life! 

We got there and pretty much went straight to The Whole Bagel for breakfast. I chose a New Yorker - pastrami, red onion, tomato, mustard and dill pickles. Unfortunately, the gluten free option was white sliced bread rather than bagel. Hopefully they'll look into that in the future, especially as brands like Udi's now produce bagels of such great quality.

Our meals came with a side portion of potato salad and were wrapped up in little paper bags. My sandwich was delicious, if a bit heavy on the raw onion (the husband is a bit phobic of raw onion but he tried his best to stand near me for the rest of the day, as it was my birthday.)

This set us up brilliantly for a day of sight-seeing. The husband hadn't been to the Bath baths before so we sucked it up and joined a massive queue to get in. It was very much worth it though. The place was unrecognisable from 1992 which was the last time I was there. 

After that we went into the Cathedral (stunning) and then found ourselves in a really cute monastery museum. The couple running it were very welcoming and I got to try my first mead (naturally gluten free, sweet and potent.) After that we were looking for our next food stop and I remembered about The Green Rocket which is a vegetarian cafe who also accommodate for specialist diets.

I enjoyed an ice cold bottle of Daas Blonde while I surveyed the menu and took in the impressive cake menu (pictured below). There was a lot to choose from but I finally decided on Sesame Ramen Noodles with Lime Satay. The menu said that a gluten free option was available which I made the waitress aware of when I ordered. Unfortunately there was an annoyingly long wait for our food and my dish came with rice instead of noodles. It was tasty but I'd had my heart set on birthday noodles.

We finished the day with a pint in the cute Coeur De Lion pub, found nestled in one of the old alleyways. Had we stayed for a third meal, I'd have chosen Acorn - Vegetarian Kitchen whose menu was full of intriguing and local ingredients. I'm sure we have only scratched the surface of the free from option in Bath. If you're looking for more, check out Gluten Free Queen's post and the Twitter account Gluten Free Bath.


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