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Gluten Free Day Out in Bath

It probably won't come as a surprise to anyone that Bath caters very well for specialist diets. Areas with a lot of wealth have a higher proportion of places that cater for specialist diets. Why is that? A discussion for another time maybe. 
Me and the husband went for a day out in Bath for my birthday. I found out that there is a bus that goes from the end of my street straight there. It's funny what you find out after 1.5 years of living somewhere. The bus really appealed to me as parking issues have always marred our previous trips to Bath.
We departed at about 9.30am. The logic behind this was that I wanted to get beat the crowds and to get on a quiet bus, And because I wanted to fit in at least 2 meals while I was in Bath. I don't think of myself as greedy, I'm deprived of proper food for most of my waking life! 
We got there and pretty much went straight to The Whole Bagel for breakfast. I chose a New Yorker - pastrami, red onion, tomato, mustard and dill pickle…