Gluten Free Fish and Chips in Clevedon, North Somerset

Before the evenings get too dark and the clocks go back, why not do what we did recently and head to Clevedon Fish bar after work for a slap up (gluten free) chippy dinner?

This was definitely one of my better ideas. We jumped in the car after work and headed down the motorway (just 25 minutes from Bristol) to the seaside town of Clevedon.

The fish bar is a no fuss, traditional style chippy on the main strip through Clevedon town. While we waited we noticed that quite a few people were also ordering gluten free fish and chips. I've had this place listed on my Gluten Free Fish and Chip Guide for a while so I was a bit worried that we'd be out of luck - it wouldn't have been the first time.

We went back to the car and drove to the seafront. Without a doubt, this was the best gluten free batter I've eaten. The fish itself and the chips were great quality and full of flavour. It was a substantial meal that I tried my best to finish. Once again, putting myself second to my blog and my loyal readers!

We went for a very slow stroll afterwards and watched the waning sunlight highlight the beautiful Victorian railings and the pier in the distance. This is the right way to do a mid-week supper. Thanks Clevedon Fish Bar for making it happen.

Clevedon Fish Bar
15 Old Church Road, Clevedon BS21 6LZ
Available on Tuesdays


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