Restaurant Review - Everyday Thai, Fishponds, Bristol

After reading a promising review on Bristol Eating Adventures and reading that the staff are very lovely and accommodating on Trip Advisor, I thought I'd give Everyday Thai a call and see if they could cater for my particular dietary restrictions. I know that gluten and egg free is asking a lot, especially as eggs add flavour and texture to a lot of Thai dishes.

The lady I spoke to on the phone was easily the sweetest person I've ever conversed with and after I explained about my food intolerances, she was very sympathetic and actually said "aww love you!"  I am really not used to that as a reaction! It's funny how you get used to feeling like an inconvenience for trying to eat most of a meal in someones restaurant!

I suggested that we pre-ordered a set menu and she agreed that that would make it easier for them to prepare and make sure I got to try more things. I went for Set Meal 1, which is a mixed starter platter, Thai red curry, chicken with garlic and black pepper, prawn pad Thai, mixed veg with oyster sauce and jasmine rice. (£19.95 per person)

Once at the restaurant we were given an extra table to fit everything on. There was definitely plenty to go around. There is no alcohol served at Everyday Thai (and no BYOB permitted), so we quaffed a bottle of non alcoholic red wine while we tackled the mountains of food before us. I can only apologise for the quality of the photos! I felt oddly self-conscious taking photos which I think was due to the restaurant being quite small and the staff being quite attentive to check all was OK.

The decor in Everyday Thai is pretty random. I recommend a seat that looks into the restaurant which will allow you to take it all in. I'm not sure what hockey sticks and African wood carvings have to do with Thai food but it is definitely something to look at!

At the end (once we'd admitted defeat) a waiter apologised to us as he felt that the food wasn't very tasty because it had no egg or gluten. I had to disagree - I felt that every dish was fantastic. I like things hot, so I asked for chilli sauce or some fresh chillis and I was given a bowl of  nam pla prik (thai chillis in fish sauce) which really set things off! The only thing I found lacking was the starter platter, which was just mini spring rolls and satay skewers - obviously most of the normal options are battered or covered in pastry, but it would have been great to get a GF alternative to one of these (I don't ask for much do I?)

We were offered a doggy bag and even to hang onto it for us while we went to the pub - a very sweet touch. One disappointment was the very long wait for the table to be cleared after we had finished eating. I don't think you notice or mind so much when the wine is flowing but we were very sober and keen to continue with our evening! It's a pet hate of mine but did not take away from an otherwise brilliant meal.

Everyday Thai
11 Station Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3RP
01179 657 007


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