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Restaurant Review - Everyday Thai, Fishponds, Bristol

After reading a promising review on Bristol Eating Adventures and reading that the staff are very lovely and accommodating on Trip Advisor, I thought I'd give Everyday Thai a call and see if they could cater for my particular dietary restrictions. I know that gluten and egg free is asking a lot, especially as eggs add flavour and texture to a lot of Thai dishes.

The lady I spoke to on the phone was easily the sweetest person I've ever conversed with and after I explained about my food intolerances, she was very sympathetic and actually said "aww love you!"  I am really not used to that as a reaction! It's funny how you get used to feeling like an inconvenience for trying to eat most of a meal in someones restaurant!

I suggested that we pre-ordered a set menu and she agreed that that would make it easier for them to prepare and make sure I got to try more things. I went for Set Meal 1, which is a mixed starter platter, Thai red curry, chicken with garlic and blac…

Gluten Free at Bristol Vegfest

I just love Vegfest. We went a couple of years ago and then went to Grillstock not long afterwards in the same location and for me, Vegfest was by far the best event. Vegfest has a really great vibe and is full of people passionate about what they do and helping others to live a cruelty free life. For those of us with food intolerances, it's a great place to discover new brands and products. I love the idea that there is a whole event in which no meat is cooked or consumed. Grillstock in comparison seemed haunted by the ghosts of hundreds of pigs, lambs and cows. I stopped enjoying the smell of cooked meat that day.

Vegfest Crowds
Vegfest was packed this year, the event itself didn't feel a lot bigger but there were much bigger crowds and it was harder to see the stalls. We went right through the site and took everything in and then I tried to decide on something for lunch. I actually felt that the gluten free takeaway food options were limited this time around. The buzz word t…