Gluten Free Vegan Avocado Chocolate Cake

This is the first time I've ever made a double layer cake and it's a gluten free, dairy free and egg free recipe - I don't do things by halves! .

I can't take any credit for this one, I followed this recipe for Chocolate Avocado Cake from the BBC Good Food website almost to the letter. My only changes were: I made it soya free by subbing the soya milk for Alpro Original Almond Milk, and at stage 3 I whisked all the ingredients together apart from the milk, microwaved the milk for 1 minute and then added it gradually to the mixture. This saved me a bit of time (I was working on this cake until 10.30pm last night, I was allowed to cheat a bit!) I also didn't use sprinkles at the end, I just grated some chocolate over it. The recipe itself is pretty straightforward but the whole thing is quite time-consuming. (Especially when you only have one cake tin and have to cook the cake one half at a time!)

It's the last day in my current job today so I wanted to bring in something special. It was a risk - anyone who has tried baking free from gluten and eggs will attest to this! - but thankfully it paid off. For a gluten free cake, the texture is brilliant, no dryness that catches in the back of your throat, just soft, decadent sponge with even more decadent and delicious frosting. (There was loads left so I'll be using it up on the weekend somehow. Such a hardship!)

The avocado just adds moisture and a creaminess to everything. It's pretty flavourless anyway, but you definitely wouldn't detect it in this cake. And for me, this seems like a much nicer way of making cake i.e. with no animal products whatsoever - save the chicks!

I'm sitting here trying to work my way through a slice - It's very rich so you don't need much! I reckon that if you're missing proper cake, it's worth giving this recipe a go. It's a bit time consuming but you won't regret it - and your friends and family will definitely thank you for it!


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