Gluten Free Layered Dessert With Dairy Free, Soya Free Caramel

I was left with quite a bit of avocado frosting when I made my avocado chocolate cake (previous post) so I put it in the freezer while I waited for inspiration to strike.

My mother in law visited last weekend and I needed to come up with a dessert for 4 that wouldn't take all day and would be egg, dairy and gluten free.

I made up my mind to make a layered trifle type thing as they seem to be the least time consuming. I decided to layer biscuit, fruit and the frosting with some sort of caramel. This bit, I completely made up on the spot. Playing with red hot sugar on a Saturday afternoon is how I get my thrills these days, apparently!

I used around 600g of sugar (I used the last of brown sugar and the rest was white sugar), a can of coconut milk instead of cream and some coconut oil instead of marge.

In a blender, spoon in the creamy top part of the coconut milk and add around 10 pitted medjool dates. In a pan, heat the sugar, then slowly added the water part of the coconut milk. Stirring constantly, wait for the mixture to be fully mixed and for the sugar to change colour. After around 15 minutes, add the coconut cream/date mixture. Add a pinch of salt. Stir constantly for another 10 minutes until the mixture has gone brown. Increase the heat briefly and add a tablespoon of cornflour dissolved in 2-3 tablespoons of cold water. Keep stirring until the mixture goes goopy and thick.

At this stage, it will look a lot like gravy (see 1st picture!). Don't worry, it changes colour when it cools.

Layer it up in a nice glass or dish - Bashed up biscuit at the bottom (I used some basic GF digestives), the chocolate frosting, sliced strawberries and then caramel and repeat.

This makes a very delicious, and surprisingly not that sweet, dessert - suitable for vegans and awkward eaters.


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