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Gluten Free Layered Dessert With Dairy Free, Soya Free Caramel

I was left with quite a bit of avocado frosting when I made my avocado chocolate cake (previous post) so I put it in the freezer while I waited for inspiration to strike.

My mother in law visited last weekend and I needed to come up with a dessert for 4 that wouldn't take all day and would be egg, dairy and gluten free.

I made up my mind to make a layered trifle type thing as they seem to be the least time consuming. I decided to layer biscuit, fruit and the frosting with some sort of caramel. This bit, I completely made up on the spot. Playing with red hot sugar on a Saturday afternoon is how I get my thrills these days, apparently!

I used around 600g of sugar (I used the last of brown sugar and the rest was white sugar), a can of coconut milk instead of cream and some coconut oil instead of marge.

In a blender, spoon in the creamy top part of the coconut milk and add around 10 pitted medjool dates. In a pan, heat the sugar, then slowly added the water part of the coconut milk. …

Gluten Free Vegan Avocado Chocolate Cake

This is the first time I've ever made a double layer cake and it's a gluten free, dairy free and egg free recipe - I don't do things by halves! .

I can't take any credit for this one, I followed this recipe for Chocolate Avocado Cake from the BBC Good Food website almost to the letter. My only changes were: I made it soya free by subbing the soya milk for Alpro Original Almond Milk, and at stage 3 I whisked all the ingredients together apart from the milk, microwaved the milk for 1 minute and then added it gradually to the mixture. This saved me a bit of time (I was working on this cake until 10.30pm last night, I was allowed to cheat a bit!) I also didn't use sprinkles at the end, I just grated some chocolate over it. The recipe itself is pretty straightforward but the whole thing is quite time-consuming. (Especially when you only have one cake tin and have to cook the cake one half at a time!)

It's the last day in my current job today so I wanted to bring in…