Review - Kingfisher Cafe, Fishponds, Bristol

Tea with almond milk
My epic burger
Hubby's 'Chicken Wrap'

I'm a big fan of casual dining. I'd much rather a lunch than a dinner. I like to sit down somewhere and feel like I'm at my Nan's and I'm about to get one of her legendary bacon sandwiches and my tea in a mismatched cup and saucer. My aversion to eating big meals late at night and my penchant for an afternoon nap all point towards sizable lunches whenever possible. We had a couple of days off last week and I decided to take us out for a slap up lunch. I'd been following The Kingfisher Café for a couple of weeks on Facebook and their very delicious sounding menu updates always include quite a few GF options. Lucky for me, the Kingfisher is a 5 minute drive from my house, on the same block as our vets (hey Fishponds Veterinary Centre!)

We found a table (it was pretty busy for 12.30 on a normal Monday) and I excitedly perused the menu. Just a little niggle on the menu which hopefully they could take into account - there is a line on the menu about GF bread being available, so I would assume that they can do a GF fry up and that the toasted sandwiches can be made GF - but it doesn't state that as such on the menu. After a lot of deliberation, I went for a beef burger with added cheddar. There was a choice of burger, all GF, including a great sounding veggie one which is pretty rare. My husband went for the chicken wrap. I also had a tea with almond milk (soya also available).

This was such a great start, lots of choice and a proper cuppa. Then came the food. Enormous portions. Each main came with a bowl of huge wedges and my husband's 'wrap' came with a side salad, a bowl full of chicken filling and two wraps. My burger came in between two slices of bread (which I find quite cute) and was pretty bulky! A good three finger thickness and I struggled (but thankfully I'm a trained professional) to get it in my gob! The burger was flavoured with herbs and onions and was so juicy and flavourful - I need this recipe! The wedges were a lot like our home made wedges, well seasoned, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. Then there was the relish. It complimented the burger so well, I really was in burger heaven!

My husband doesn't have the same lust for daytime binging as me and appeared to wane after the first wrap. The waitress offered to wrap it up for us to take away and I noticed a few other people doing the same. I'm pretty sure this isn't a great business plan and we agreed that we would gladly pay the same for a lot less food.

The café also hosts events such as open mic nights and activities for kids. With fantastic, mouth watering food and lovely, polite staff this is such a great addition to the community. I can't wait to go back.

The Kingfisher Café
17-18 Straits Parade, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 2LE
0117 965 1001

*Updated 20/04/2015

My Amazing Gluten Free Full English Breakfast

We went back to the Kingfisher last weekend for breakfast. I ordered a full English done gluten free and no egg and my husband ordered a full English with the works.
My breakfast came with 3 pork chipolatas from a butcher in Chipping Sodbury, 3 pieces of bacon, black pudding, a fried tomato, mushroom, beans and a slice of gluten free toast. I had major egg envy over my husband's poached egg, it looked so indulgent!
Once again, it was a hearty and delicious meal. A proper gluten free full English in Bristol - pretty hard to come by!


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