REVIEW - Gluten Free at Zero Zero, Bristol

Wonderful Wings

I had lunch at Zero Zero Easton on the weekend with my husband and a couple of friends. I was too excited at the thought of a new eatery in BS5 to mind that I couldn't eat the main item on the menu - pizza! I was determined to go and help support a local business so I tweeted them to see if I could have the wings instead. Luckily, the wings were Okayed and on the day, I supplemented them with a mozzarella salad (and 2 very refreshing cans of Caple Road cider!)

We sat down at the bench next to the wall and chatted away while our food arrived. I would like to say we took in the surroundings but Zero Zero really is tiny! The bench seats about 6 and a few more could fit around the bar - it's cosy but super cute, and with a few mates it's a great space to catch up over food while sampling the great range of alcohol on offer.

A beautiful plate of wings arrived (I ordered hot, but mild and stupid hot are also available) - just look at the colours of that buffalo sauce. They were as good as I'd hoped, buttery, soft chicken and the sauce was packed with flavour, with the heat hitting towards the end, tingling on the lips for just the right amount of time afterwards. The blue cheese sauce that came with them was so good that I could have eaten a tub of it on its own.

For just £5 for the wings, you really can't go wrong. There is also a tofu version - I just have to try that next time if it's GF and I seem to have volunteered for the hot wings challenge (coming soon. It's something I've always wanted to have a go at!)

I was told that the pizzas were fantastic too - made using their own '00' flour and stone baked. They use local ingredients where possible and I think it adds something special to every dish. A small menu can really work when all the ingredients are on point. Zero Zero also offer a take-away wine service, with their house wine (sourced from a vineyard in France) coming in a re-sealable bottle! Tiffins? So old-fashioned babes.

Zero Zero is a perfect addition to the area and I hope you'll check it out if you get the chance.

Zero Zero Easton
2B High Street (it's actually around the corner on Albion Road, next to the barbers)
01179 510 265

Zero Zero on Twitter
Zero Zero on Facebook


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