IBS At Work

When IBS Attacks at Work! We’ve all been there.

But what can we do?

Many people with IBS argue that we should insist on a private loo, or at least have access to the disabled loo which is more private than partially open cubicles.

Some people with IBS manage to work from home or have an arrangement with the management to work from home during a flare up of IBS symptoms.

But I imagine that most of us get by the best we can.

I decided to pick a few brains via a survey on Survey Monkey.

Here's the link - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/N3F587T

It's super simple to complete, yes and no answers, no log-in required and you can do it on your mobile.

I'll post the results here and I'm really looking forward to getting everyone's thoughts on the subject!

Please share!


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