Gluten Free Bristol - Batch 5 Gluten Free Bread

Batch # 5 gluten free products are produced by Bath Bakery but luckily for us Bristolians, they are now in collaboration with Joe's Bakery on Gloucester road. I popped in on Saturday ready to buy all the bread but there was only a white loaf left, a few flapjacks and a bit of carrot cake.
This is clearly a good sign that the range is popular but I'm super gutted that I didn't get to buy any seeded brown bread or ciabattas. Hopefully next time.

My white loaf was a good size, not to heavy or dense, sliced with ease and held together during even the most cack-handed buttering. My only criticism was the flavour which I felt was a bit nondescript. (Though when I said that, my husband ate a massive bit and said 'mmm no, it's nice' so WTH do I know!) I just can't help comparing it to my beloved Graham's Bakery gluten free bread (Gloucestershire). It'll be hard to top his fluffy white loaf.

The bread is egg free too so I guiltlessly carved out hunks of bread for bruschetta, cheese on toast and a childhood favourite, jam and marge on bread (I can't even begin to describe the feelings of nostalgia as I ate it!) It's such a pleasure to eat proper sized slices of bread and bread that doesn't have to be toasted first. So, big well done to Bath Bakery and thanks to Joe's Bakery for being a stockist!

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240-242 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8NZ
0117 975 5551


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