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REVIEW - Gluten Free at Zero Zero, Bristol

Wonderful Wings
I had lunch at Zero Zero Easton on the weekend with my husband and a couple of friends. I was too excited at the thought of a new eatery in BS5 to mind that I couldn't eat the main item on the menu - pizza! I was determined to go and help support a local business so I tweeted them to see if I could have the wings instead. Luckily, the wings were Okayed and on the day, I supplemented them with a mozzarella salad (and 2 very refreshing cans of Caple Road cider!)

We sat down at the bench next to the wall and chatted away while our food arrived. I would like to say we took in the surroundings but Zero Zero really is tiny! The bench seats about 6 and a few more could fit around the bar - it's cosy but super cute, and with a few mates it's a great space to catch up over food while sampling the great range of alcohol on offer.

A beautiful plate of wings arrived (I ordered hot, but mild and stupid hot are also available) - just look at the colours of that buffalo s…

Gluten Free Bristol - Batch 5 Gluten Free Bread

Batch # 5 gluten free products are produced by Bath Bakery but luckily for us Bristolians, they are now in collaboration with Joe's Bakery on Gloucester road. I popped in on Saturday ready to buy all the bread but there was only a white loaf left, a few flapjacks and a bit of carrot cake.
This is clearly a good sign that the range is popular but I'm super gutted that I didn't get to buy any seeded brown bread or ciabattas. Hopefully next time.

My white loaf was a good size, not to heavy or dense, sliced with ease and held together during even the most cack-handed buttering. My only criticism was the flavour which I felt was a bit nondescript. (Though when I said that, my husband ate a massive bit and said 'mmm no, it's nice' so WTH do I know!) I just can't help comparing it to my beloved Graham's Bakery gluten free bread (Gloucestershire). It'll be hard to top his fluffy white loaf.

The bread is egg free too so I guiltlessly carved out hunks of bre…

IBS At Work

When IBS Attacks at Work! We’ve all been there.

But what can we do?

Many people with IBS argue that we should insist on a private loo, or at least have access to the disabled loo which is more private than partially open cubicles.

Some people with IBS manage to work from home or have an arrangement with the management to work from home during a flare up of IBS symptoms.

But I imagine that most of us get by the best we can.

I decided to pick a few brains via a survey on Survey Monkey.

Here's the link -

It's super simple to complete, yes and no answers, no log-in required and you can do it on your mobile.

I'll post the results here and I'm really looking forward to getting everyone's thoughts on the subject!

Please share!

Gluten Free Bristol - Breakfasts!

I've searched high and low to find you (and myself) the best gluten free breakfasts in Bristol. As always I've only listed independent establishments. It ain't a gluten free breakfast if you just take the sausages and toast off, there has to be a bit something special on offer to make it worth leaving the confines of your weekend duvet/papers/cats nest for!

Hopefully you won't be disappointed by any of my suggestions. I have placed a hash (short for hash browns, naturally) next to the ones that I have personally tried and can recommend. Please give me a shout if I've missed anyone off and I'd love your feedback on any that you have tried yourself!

1. Kingfisher Café #
Sausage, bacon, black pudding, tomato, mushroom, beans, egg, toast.
17-18 Straits Parade, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2LE
0117 965 1001

2. Café Rhubarb
Gluten free full English with sausages and toast.
388 A38 (Gloucester Road), Bristol, BS7 8TR
0117 942…

RECIPE - Gluten Free Vegan Date and Beetroot Brownies

Here is probably one of the simplest gluten, dairy, egg and oat free brownie recipes out there. I plan to make these as often as possible as they are just so easy to make and the ingredients are really easy to get hold of.

The recipe originated from The Gluten Free Blogger but I ended up improvising as, as per usual, I didn’t have all of the ingredients. My main substitution was oats for rice flake porridge.

The first time I made these, I missed step 6 and although the taste was great, the texture was a little gritty. The second time, I left them to ‘soak’ and they turned out perfectly. My substitution means that these brownies are also suitable for those who can’t tolerate oats. And I’ve even given them to beetroot-phobes and they were none the wiser!

As you can see they have a great texture, they have just the right amount of squidge without falling apart and you are also getting a good dose of antioxidants, iron and fibre with the beetroots and dates!


3 Large beetroots (I…

My Gluten Free Holiday Wishlist

I've been doing some research for a trip I'm taking in September. I'm doing the usual gluten dodger's trick of researching all the suitable food before I go. What restaurants have GF on their menu, what local foods are naturally gluten free and where I can buy supplies of bread rolls and almond milk. To be honest, my holiday destination isn’t known for its knowledge of the gluten free diet. I’ve done a bit of research over the years and I’ve got a little wish list of places I want to visit because I know I’ll eat well with relativity little effort on my part. And the fact that they are beautiful, historically interesting and full of friendly folk has also helped to stick these 3 destinations firmly onto my travel bucket list.

1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

(Photos above used with permission from  The home of Pho! Need I go on? Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with noodles. Whenever I’m home alone, I make a big steaming broth, add rice noodles, any…

Review - Kingfisher Cafe, Fishponds, Bristol

Tea with almond milk My epic burger Hubby's 'Chicken Wrap'
I'm a big fan of casual dining. I'd much rather a lunch than a dinner. I like to sit down somewhere and feel like I'm at my Nan's and I'm about to get one of her legendary bacon sandwiches and my tea in a mismatched cup and saucer. My aversion to eating big meals late at night and my penchant for an afternoon nap all point towards sizable lunches whenever possible. We had a couple of days off last week and I decided to take us out for a slap up lunch. I'd been following The Kingfisher Café for a couple of weeks on Facebook and their very delicious sounding menu updates always include quite a few GF options. Lucky for me, the Kingfisher is a 5 minute drive from my house, on the same block as our vets (hey Fishponds Veterinary Centre!)

We found a table (it was pretty busy for 12.30 on a normal Monday) and I excitedly perused the menu. Just a little niggle on the menu which hopefully they could t…

Where To Find Gluten Free Pizza In Bristol

Here is the full list of places offering a gluten free pizza base in Bristol, as it stands in April 2015. (I have excluded Pizza Express, Pizza Hut et al).
Where I have tried the pizza, I have written a brief review underneath the listing.

As always, I would love to hear from you if you have tried any of these places out.

1.  The Stable

South Building, Anchor Square, Canon's Road, Bristol BS1 5UH
01179 279 999
Menu (GF toppings not indicated)

They say -
'Non-Gluten Ingredients (NGI) are available for all pizzas from the main menu – the dough is specially made off site so it’s best you give us a call before your visit to tell us how many in your group will be ordering one.'

2-7.  Grounded

Grounded Redfield
287 Church Road, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9HT
01179 555 668

Grounded Keynsham
39 High Street, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1DS
01179 868 555

Grounded Bedminster
66-68 Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 4HL
01179 231 000

Grounded …