Review - The Flavour Sensation, Park Street, Bristol [CLOSED]

When I started this blog, it was as rare as unicorn's tears to see GF on a menu. In 2013-14 we saw a great surge in restaurant chains putting GF on their menus or providing a separate GF menu.
But what is missing is the same consideration for us gluten dodgers from independent restaurants.
There has been a backlash from restaurants down to '14 Allergens-Gate' - restaurants claiming that new eating out guidelines are stifling creativity and flair in the kitchen.
That's one way to deal with us 'fussy' diners.

The other is to open a centrally located restaurant, offering all the restaurant favourites with GF clearly marked on the menu, with clued up staff and promising to accommodate any dietary requirements. As well as this, The Flavour Sensation have clearly marked 'healthy options', so now you can go out for lunch with your friends while keeping an eye on your 'Syns'.

Proper Margaritas

My tasty prawn starter

My epic ribs

Beer and ribs!

Burger face

Giant coffee

The view from out front

We ordered a couple of Margaritas (2 for 1 until a certain time) and perused the menu. The cocktails were fantastic, real ingredients and nice and strong but then I remembered about the GF beer!
I decided that a beer and something meaty would be great as that really is a rarity for me.
I spoke to the waitress about my options and settled on the house ribs, (no gluten, dairy or egg) with the king prawns to start. My husband ordered a chicken burger with a brioche bun. As much as I really wanted to try the burgers, I knew that the gluten free bun would have egg in and I wanted a truly free from experience*. As anyone with multiple food intolerances knows, it is so tricky when you eat out so you tend to chance a few things! But there is no need to here - they really are accommodating to any dietary restrictions.

My prawns were juicy and sizable, with a wonderful chargrilled flavour. My husband's burger also had the same great chargrilled taste - the chicken itself was moist and flavoursome and the accompaniments were all well made. My main was absolutely huge, 2 large portions of ribs, with enormous wedges (they call them triple cooked chips on the menu), a side salad and a corn on the cob. The ribs themselves were really tasty, again with a wonderful BBQ flavour. A refreshing Daura beer with my dino-sized helping of ribs really did feel decadent. It is a rare treat to have everything as you need it to be without the worry of feeling ill afterwards or that you once again ended up with the chicken salad (no croutons!)

My small criticism is the choice of desserts, it would be great to have something on there that is gluten, egg and dairy free (would be great for vegans too) like a crumble, fruit pie, chocolate mousse or even a selection of sorbets. I finished my meal with a pretty large cup of Illy coffee (one of my favourites) which I took black, although soya milk is available.

My husband is quite hard to please and he was genuinely impressed with everything and we both felt that it was a faultless meal. The service is great, the eating space is neat, spacious and relaxed, there is a good choice of drinks and you get well fed! And I'm very happy with the location. I'm often looking for something to eat for lunch when I'm in town and I refuse to go to the chains!
85 Park St, Bristol, BS1 5PJ
0117 930 0188

I received this meal free of charge. My review is all my own opinion and wording.

*As stated below in the comments, the GF bun is also egg free!


  1. Dear Debra,
    Thank you very much for your kind review. I am really pleased both you and your husband enjoyed your experience with us. I am particularly happy you found enough choice to make your taste buds happy. Just for the future, don’t be scared of trying our burgers as gluten-free bun we offer is also dairy and egg free!
    And with desserts, you are right, the only one that ticks all the boxes is fruit platter, which may be not indulgent enough for some people ;-) All taken on board though, we will try to improve on this front.
    Happy Easter to you both and hopefully see you soon.
    Best regards,

  2. Hi Agnieszka, that's great news about the burger buns, I'm very excited to try one of your burgers! Hope to see you again soon.


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