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Soya Latte
The Back Dining Area
Fish and Chips
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Onion Rings
I finally visited Venue 35 on Saturday. They are based way outside of central Bristol, in an area I never have a need to visit. I've been told that Westbury on Trym is quite a well-to-do area and as we drove around we found some lovely looking spots for a bit of people watching in the sunshine. We found the café nestled in a small row of drab 70's style shops, surrounded by charity shops, off licenses and hairdressers, which was a little disappointing. As we walked through the front door, we were taken aback by how busy it seemed. The place appears to be popular with young families and although we try to avoid children en masse, I was happy that the place was buzzing.

We sat down in the back room which was much quieter but the only small table available was dirty and there were no menus to be found anywhere. There were clusters of sofas and coffee tables which seemed pretty impractical for dining and they still had some Christmas decorations up.
My husband went to get menus and drinks. I had perused the gluten free menu on the Venue 35 website many times so I was surprised that there was no separate menu in the café itself. The menu was marked with 'GFO' after many of items and I was happy to see that many of the items I'd lusted after online were listed. It was now a choice between a burger or fish and chips. Either way, I was having onion rings, which I hadn't eaten for many, many years!

My husband ordered at the bar and when he came back, we flagged down a waiter to clean down our table. A long while later, I checked on the time and 45 minutes had passed since ordering. Finally the food arrived and the plates were piled high. My husband's lasagne was pretty substantial but we both did our very best to clear our plates! My food was good, the batter was crisp and not oily but it was a little flavourless. Likewise with the chips. Maybe a nicer oil would help things along?

Overall, a slightly unusual experience at Venue 35. Food in large volumes with minimal customer care. That said, I am happy to go back if I'm ever in the area again. There's still a lot more to try - gluten free breakfast, Sunday roast, a choice of burgers and a range of desserts that includes a cider infused apple crumble!

Venue 35
135 Stoke Lane,
Westbury On Trym,


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