Gluten Free Adventures on Park Street, Bristol

If you're ever in central Bristol looking for a gluten free meal, the key thing to remember is - the nearer you are to Clifton, the better your chances. So unfortunately, it's time to change into flats, plug in your music to drown out that clicky hip and head straight up Bristol's Misty Mountain, AKA Park Street.

I was lucky enough to work on The Triangle just before Christmas and we ate out often, so here is my round up of gluten free eateries on Park Street and on The Triangle.

First up -

Mission Burrito
62 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JN

My corn tortillas
Mushy goodness
Boy, beer, burrito
We make our own tortillas quite a bit so it was such a treat to have them made for us. The GF option is 4 mini sized corn tortillas with a choice of fillings (all are GF). I went for a few different fillings so I got to try everything and it was all fantastic. Really comforting, slow cooked goodness and guacamole! I spoke to them afterwards about cross contamination and they said they are looking into covering the tortillas before they go on the grill to make them extra safe. The décor is functional and a bit uncomfortable. When I told people we were eating there, they said 'oh, the takeaway place?' However, it won't stop me from going back! I am a Mission Burrito convert, like so many other Bristolians.

38 Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1RE

Chicken liver & brandy parfait, rhubarb & tomato chutney, salad instead of toasted sourdough bread

Pan fried seabass fillets, sweet potato, chick pea & spinach curry, yoghurt & caper dressing

I was well looked after when I went for lunch at Brown's. What a treat lunch at Brown's is - beautiful architecture and a serene atmosphere, dishes that linger on the palate and flawless service. I chose what I wanted on the menu and the waitress assured me she would ensure any gluten items were substituted. My seabass main has become one of my favourite dishes in a restaurant ever! I even tried making it myself at home.

69 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QL

Lunch at Bill's was a slightly different experience. Our waitress kept misunderstanding our requests which was comical at first but worrying when ordering anything free from. I asked about GF and she gave me a sticky booklet with 'allergy advice'. Lunch options were green curry, wild mushroom risotto and the 'Pan-fried sea bass, chunky tomato, avocado and caper salsa with a crispy spring onion and parsley potato rösti' - which is what I went for. On the whole it was very tasty (thought I would have left off the avocado), I just felt miffed that I was surrounded by people with amazing looking burger and chips! 

70 Queens Road, Bristol BS8 1QU

Gluten free Pho - what more do I need to say? The picture doesn't do it justice either. I got a great big container of Pho, full of fresh veg, slow cooked pork and herbs and lots of lovely extra bits. I also got a coffee with almond milk! Friska always have gluten free cake on the counter and a selection of handmade cold salads, like Pad Thai. The décor is modern, cosy warehouse chic and there is a record, book and vintage clothing shop upstairs. I have a crush.

74 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU

Good service, attentive staff. Décor is clinical, cow field chic. Steak was badass. And I hear the Margaritas are great.

85 Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QS

Bottelino's offer gluten free pasta (penne) and you just need to speak to the waiter to find out which pasta dishes are GF. Servings are enormous and I can recommend the Rioja.

Wok To Walk
39 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NH

They have an allergen list (just ask) and there is a choice of 2 sauces with rice noodles or rice and a variety of toppings/extras. See FAQ for details. I had the rice noodles with sweet and sour sauce, duck and cashews. So tasty and filling. Gluten free noodles in a box with no hassle.

The Rest

Other restaurants with an allergen menu/'GF' marked on the menu/offering to adjust meals to be gluten free.
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to try these places out, though I'd love your feedback if you have.

Starts from the bottom to top of Park Street/Triangle.

La Tomatina - 2-4 Park St, Bristol BS1 5HS
Bristol Folk House - 40A Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JG
Nandos - 49 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5NT
Goldbrick House - 69 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5PB
Gourmet Burger Kitchen - 74 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5JX
Jamie's Italian - 87-89 Park St, Bristol BS1 5PW
Pizza Express - 31 Berkeley Square, Bristol BS8 1HP (just off Park St)


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