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The UK Gluten Free Fish and Chips Guide!

Following on from the success of my UK Gluten Free Sunday Roast Guide and my UK Gluten Free Beer Guide, I bring you the UK Gluten Free Fish and Chips guide!

As before I have split this down into areas of the UK and I will be adding to it often. If I've missed your local, please comment below or let me know on Twitter.

Each listing is taken from a recommendation on Twitter or from the company's own website and is accurate as of January 2015.

Northern Ireland 
x 0

Scotland North
x 5

Land & Sea Fish & Chip Shop
20 Main Street, Polmont, Stirlingshire, FK2 0PX
Available: 1st Saturday of every month from 12pm - 2.30pm

Sammy’s Fish & Chip Shop
Kilmallie Rd, Caol, Fort William, Scotland, PH33 7EN
Available: Every day with 30 minutes notice

Frankie’s Fish & Chips
Brae, Shetland, ZE2 9QJ
Available: Every day with 15 minutes notice

North Street Ch…

Gluten Free Adventures on Park Street, Bristol

If you're ever in central Bristol looking for a gluten free meal, the key thing to remember is - the nearer you are to Clifton, the better your chances. So unfortunately, it's time to change into flats, plug in your music to drown out that clicky hip and head straight up Bristol's Misty Mountain, AKA Park Street.
I was lucky enough to work on The Triangle just before Christmas and we ate out often, so here is my round up of gluten free eateries on Park Street and on The Triangle.
First up -
Mission Burrito
62 Park St, Bristol BS1 5JN

My corn tortillas Mushy goodness Boy, beer, burrito We make our own tortillas quite a bit so it was such a treat to have them made for us. The GF option is 4 mini sized corn tortillas with a choice of fillings (all are GF). I went for a few different fillings so I got to try everything and it was all fantastic. Really comforting, slow cooked goodness and guacamole! I spoke to them afterwards about cross contaminatio…

Review - Venue 35, Bristol

Soya Latte The Back Dining Area Fish and Chips Close Up
Onion Rings I finally visited Venue 35 on Saturday. They are based way outside of central Bristol, in an area I never have a need to visit. I've been told that Westbury on Trym is quite a well-to-do area and as we drove around we found some lovely looking spots for a bit of people watching in the sunshine. We found the café nestled in a small row of drab 70's style shops, surrounded by charity shops, off licenses and hairdressers, which was a little disappointing. As we walked through the front door, we were taken aback by how busy it seemed. The place appears to be popular with young families and although we try to avoid children en masse, I was happy that the place was buzzing.

We sat down in the back room which was much quieter but the only small table available was dirty and there were no menus to be found anywhere. There were clusters of sofas and coffee tables which seemed pretty impractical for dining and they sti…