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Going Gluten Free and Vegan

My 'normal' diet is what I call 'Meagan', I avoid eggs totally (hereditary intolerance) and all dairy except for cheese (and the occasional bit of milk chocolate!). I try to eat as little meat as possible so I have accidental vegan days quite often.
At first I decided to do a gluten free vegetarian trial, then thought that I might as well go the whole hog (excuse the pun) and go vegan for as long as possible/practical. I love animals and as a strong advocate for animal rights and former animal fosterer, I welcomed an excuse to give our animal chums a break for a little while.

As for eggs and dairy, I am actually thankful that they cause me problems because I am now educated about the egg and dairy industry. Both industries have their issues, but the main issue for me is that the egg industry considers male chickens as 'waste'. Likewise, the dairy industry considers male cows as 'waste' (the 'organic' or 'free range' industry included.) …

Gluten Free in Woolacombe, Devon

We camped at The Little Roadway Farm Campsite (great range of booze in the shop but couldn't see any animals!)
One of my favourite pints, Cornish Rattler - at Captain Jack's
Captain Jack's
Sophia's Bistro
Very rainy beach
Sea Breeze Ice Cream & Coffee Shop
GJ's Dutch Pancake Bar
AKA, a throughly British Bank Holiday on the coast!
My husband and I (always think of the Queen's speech when I write that) spent a very wet weekend in Woolacombe at the end of August.
The main draw was the surfing. I'd purchased surfing lessons for hubbie for his birthday as he really enjoyed it when he did it years ago. I booked my first ever horse riding lesson for the same morning.
Unfortunately surfing was postponed so we had to wait until the Monday for the lesson and after walking down to watch a bit of the surfing, I retreated back to the town for a hot drink and a hand dryer.
On the way I discovered a plethora of GF and DF goodies. Woolacombe is teeny tiny, a little…