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Modern Feminism and Baking

Until recently, I didn't call myself a feminist, but that was only because I didn't understand it. Feminism has had a bad reputation for years. For example, we only seem to use the adjective 'strident' to precede feminist. Feminists are still associated with lesbianism, protest marching, hairy armpits and men hating.

Fortunately, social media sites like Twitter mean that you can customise your online experience so that we are only in touch with like minded individuals. Many of the people I follow on Twitter are creative and enjoy crafting and baking, eat clean/veggie/vegan, are tattooed, are against animal cruelty, are politically aware and engaged, tweet about issues they feel strongly about and have healthy relationships with people of all genders. A lot of the women I follow also happen to be feminists. It is thanks to Twitter that I found out that I am a feminist. And if you are reading this, and you are a female, I almost guarantee that you are too.
This new wave …

Graham's Bread, Ross-on-Wye

I don't mean to sound dramatic (for a change. OK I do) but life without bread is almost barbaric.

When people say "I could never live without bread!" one politely smiles and says "oh, it fine, really. Besides, the substitutes are really rather good these days..."

It's not fine really. I thought it was for a long time. but when I finally got good bread that I could eat (gluten free and egg free) I realised a few truths.

Life with bread is easier.
Life with bread is cheaper.
Life with bread is tastier.
Life with bread is more interesting.

Tesco used to sell a sliced bread that I could eat called 'Yes! You Can'. When they took it off the shelves I was very disappointed. I'd had a precious few months of taking normal looking sandwiches to work and toast that went in and out of my toaster with ease for breakfast. That was a couple of years ago. I've since tried to make my own bread. The result was a vile, weighty thing, resembling a mummified s…

Bloodstock Festival 2014 - Gluten Free Review

Embarrassingly, it has been 9 years since I last went to a festival. Download 2005 was a blur of Buffalo boots, bangs, sunburn, blagging free drinks, sharing fags and Slipknot. I don't remember eating. Saying that, 2005 was a year of not eating generally as I'd just moved to London and was living the life of a church mouse. I'm pretty sure that festival food back then was the ubiquitous burger van with a bit of 'Chinese' food for variety. I imagine that a lot of cheesy chips were eaten in disentranced silence.

Our friends go to Download, Sonisphere or both most years but they really found themselves at home at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and after saying "you guys HAVE to come" about 1,000 times, we booked some tickets. Bloodstock sounded like it would be more suited to our needs, we enjoy our home comforts these days and shy away from large crowds, queues and 18 year old head cases.

I didn't think about food until a month before (late in the day for…