REVIEW Bakers & Co, Bristol


I bulldozed Bakers and Co to the top of my 'eating out in Bristol list' after I read this review by Avon Gorged.

Then I saw dishes containing avocado on their Twitter page. I have a bit of an avocado problem. And you hardly ever see it on menus - so it was decided.
I tweeted them beforehand to discuss my dietary requirements. The response was almost instantaneous and they were very lovely and helpful and suggested something I could have. I think it would have been a good touch to put a list together, rather than giving me one thing but the one thing was the dish with the avocado, so I let it slide.

We walked into a wall of noise and people at around 11.30am on a Saturday. I hadn’t realised brunch was so popular on the Gloucester road. We wondered if Bristol was always crying out for this sort of brunch and Bakers and Co had answered the call. Whichever it is, the small nooks of the restaurant were packed. People were sat expectantly around the open kitchen at the front, and on teeny tables in a corridor leading to the back of the building. The mish mash of patrons included ladies-what-brunch, couples our age also looking hungry and excited, a shoeless girl in a green snakeskin dress and the double buggy brigade who were eventually forced to reverse back out of the front door.

We checked out the simple menu (not online anywhere, very frustrating) and decided on a iced coffee, pork belly with potato hash and poached egg (him) and a tea with soya milk, huevos rancheros without the egg and tortilla, hash and avocado instead please (me) and attempted a conversation which relied heavily on lip reading.

My tea arrived in a cute blue teapot with a bright yellow mug. Mis-matched crockery is always gonna win my heart but unfortunately it was quickly lost again when the waitress told me there was no avocado left! She suggested that I have larger portions of the other items to make up for it. At this point we’d been inside the restaurant for about half an hour and my blood sugar was getting low. My husband, who likes noise and crowds as much as a child likes a dose of cod liver oil, was getting twitchy too. I'd been given a different tea to the English Breakfast tea I'd ordered and it was pretty unpleasant, but I couldn't flag down a waiter or waitress as they were so busy.

When we received our food, my husband launched straight into his pork belly before surveying my plate and giving me a pitying look. I think he said something like “well I guess that’s what happens when you order huevos rancheros without the egg”. Yeah, and this is what happens when you go for brunch when you can’t actually eat any brunch items…
Then he said “this is probably the best pork belly I’ve ever had. You should have ordered this”.

The main issue here is that the current menu relies heavily on lovely, runny poached eggs.  And I can’t eat eggs. I didn’t order the pork belly because it was just pork, eggs and hash. What I ended up with was salsa, refried beans and hash. All of which were OK. I wasn’t bowled over by them. 

In conclusion (after much waffling), I’d check this place out if you don’t mind eating amongst a throng of people, you like the sound of runny eggs and pork and you don’t have too many food intolerances!

Bakers & Co.
193 Gloucester road, Bristol, BS7 8BG


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