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REVIEW Bakers & Co, Bristol


I bulldozed Bakers and Co to the top of my 'eating out in Bristol list' after I read this review by Avon Gorged.

Then I saw dishes containing avocado on their Twitter page. I have a bit of an avocado problem. And you hardly ever see it on menus - so it was decided.
I tweeted them beforehand to discuss my dietary requirements. The response was almost instantaneous and they were very lovely and helpful and suggested something I could have. I think it would have been a good touch to put a list together, rather than giving me one thing but the one thing was the dish with the avocado, so I let it slide.

We walked into a wall of noise and people at around 11.30am on a Saturday. I hadn’t realised brunch was so popular on the Gloucester road. We wondered if Bristol was always crying out for this sort of brunch and Bakers and Co had answered the call. Whichever it is, the small nooks of the restaurant were packed. People were sat expectantly around the open kitchen at the front, and…