REVIEW Milgi, Cardiff

If you love eating out but you are a bit tired and jaded by the experience, then Milgi is the place to check out.
Everything is vegetarian, most thing can be made gluten free and many things can also be made vegan.
We went here for my birthday and I'd planned to meet up with my Dad and have a spot of brunch. From the moment we arrived we felt comfortable and at ease. The sofas, bunting, soft lighting, grandma crockery and quirky details give the place a homely feel.

My heart was set on the breakfast before we arrived but once I saw the menu, it was tough to stick to my original choice. As you can see, the options are plentiful and this is definitely a rarity when you are steering clear of eggs and gluten!
My latte with almond milk (they have a range of dairy free milks) was fantastic - I wasn't sure a latte would work with almond milk but the foam was no different to a cow's milk latte.
My breakfast exceeded my expectations, the bean pattie and dhal were beautifully spiced and the whole dish was very satisfying, leaving me feeling energetic and more than ready for my birthday trip to the beach.
My Dad also had the breakfast (the standard, rather than vegan) and said it was great. I was waiting for a "where's the meat" comment but he seemed pretty happy! My hubby had the battered halloumi and remarked that it was surprisingly light and that he felt full but not at all like he'd just eaten a load of fried cheese!

As we ate the place filled up and by around 2pm (it was a Friday), every table was full. I'm guessing most of the punters were students as Milgi is in a big student area of Cardiff.
I get the feeling that Milgi was born on the desire to fill the customer full of hearty, healthy food - brain food for students and soul food for veggies and GFers!

I can't wait to go back and try the Sunday Roast, the paneer fritters, middle Eastern platter and the stunning sounding specials (which they update on the website, check for updates).

Thanks Milgi - we will be back!

213 City Rd, Cardiff, CF24 3JD


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