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Me and my husband booked a table in Meluha as an anniversary treat. It was in the top 3 Bristol restaurants we've wanted to visit for a good while.

I'd seen other people's reviews of the gluten free food and I mentioned I was GF when I booked the table and the response was very positive. On Twitter, Meluha replied to a tweet I wrote about our anniversary saying that they loved occasions and I should let them know when our booking was.

A combination of these things meant that I was pretty excited when we arrived.

Firstly, I was a little surprised at the prices, for example £17 for some mains. I did some quick sums and worked out how much the meal would cost if we went ahead and ordered the amount we normally would. We under ordered as a result but thankfully we got plenty to eat and didn't leave hungry. We probably ordered the right amount - for once!

I tried to order a couple of things from the menu assuming that most things could be made GF. There is a line on the menu saying that special diets are catered for but no symbols next to the dishes. Our waiter (who was very helpful and nice) told me what I could eat from the menu which was disappointingly little. Most disappointing - no chocolate, honey and chilli naan! This was one thing that I was really looking forward to.

What I ended up with was actually superb. The quality of the ingredients, the ingenuity of the flavour combinations and the wow factor (for want of a better phrase!) is indisputable.

The spices in my main, 'flavoursome lamb in coconut gunpowder' were extremely well put together. The heat lingered in my mouth but didn't burn. The flavours were complex but not unusual or out of place. It is a beautiful dish that I would order again.

The gluten free naan bread was very flat, crispy yet bendy and buttery. Nice, but definitely not naan bread as I remember it. (My husband said his 'normal' naan was the best he's ever had. *Weep*)

I'd hoped for a few more surprises - some of the dishes come with foam, steam etc from what I've seen but apart from hubby's meat on dangly skewers, it was a fairly standard meal. We toasted our 5 years married but didn't get any acknowledgement from the restaurant, even though we'd spoken about it on Twitter.

This was a difficult review to write, because I know a lot of people love it here and it has won many awards. I've been as honest as possible and that's all I can do! Please leave me a comment if you've been as I'd love to know what other GFers think.

51 Park St,


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