Kabuto Gluten Free Noodles

My Review
I'm a little obsessed with noodles. It started when I worked from home for a couple of years. I would make a quick noodle dish for my lunch; Hot water over the noodles, then fry some spices and sweet chilli sauce in a little oil, add whatever meat/veg was in the fridge and serve together with oodles chilli oil.

I would use chopsticks too. I just love the whole experience of having a steaming bowl of noodles.
My office now doesn't even have a kitchen (I know, right?) and it has really limited my lunch options.

When Kabuto posted on twitter about their new gluten free noodles I was totally chuffed. I've seen their other products in local delis etc. Their packaging always stood out to me and the flavours sounded delicious. Then I found out that they are based in Bristol! Well, all the best people are.

They very kindly sent me a sample box and I was very happy to have lunch sorted for the week.
Kabuto pride themselves on being an 'instant noodle' without the nastiness you usually get and all those eco-unfriendly little bags of powder.

To prepare, you just add hot water, leave, stir, leave and then eat. Noodles in less than 4 minutes is something that I definitely approve of.

The noodles are made from rice and the flavours are as simple, modern and fuss free as the packaging. I enjoyed both the chicken and miso pots, with the miso (my first miso!) actually becoming a slight favourite.

I hope you'll check these out, they are fantastic to keep in your cupboard for 'just got back from the pub' situations and for desk lunches!





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