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REVIEW Pizza Express

I found myself in a Pizza Express recently. Work booked a table there and had completely forgotten about my dietary requirements, so it was lucky that Pizza Express is so GF friendly.

I wouldn't normally choose to eat in a restaurant chain but I was grateful for the opportunity to try out the GF pizza and to order a beer with my meal.

I had a tomato and mozzarella salad to start - it was this olives or risotto - and it was pretty average. I was told I could choose any pizza from the Classic or Romana menu and I chose a Pollo Forza -
'A fiery pizza; chicken marinated in smoky chilli powder, garlic and dried chilli flakes with chargrilled red & yellow peppers, roquito peppers, mozzarella and tomato, finished with Gran Moravia cheese, parsley and chilli oil'.

The base was a great texture - thin and crispy, the way I like it. The tomato base had a strong, tomato puree type flavour. The toppings just seemed too salty and processed for my tastes. I ate it all but doubt I wo…

REVIEW Milgi, Cardiff

If you love eating out but you are a bit tired and jaded by the experience, then Milgi is the place to check out.
Everything is vegetarian, most thing can be made gluten free and many things can also be made vegan.
We went here for my birthday and I'd planned to meet up with my Dad and have a spot of brunch. From the moment we arrived we felt comfortable and at ease. The sofas, bunting, soft lighting, grandma crockery and quirky details give the place a homely feel.

My heart was set on the breakfast before we arrived but once I saw the menu, it was tough to stick to my original choice. As you can see, the options are plentiful and this is definitely a rarity when you are steering clear of eggs and gluten!
My latte with almond milk (they have a range of dairy free milks) was fantastic - I wasn't sure a latte would work with almond milk but the foam was no different to a cow's milk latte.
My breakfast exceeded my expectations, the bean pattie and dhal were beautifully spic…

REVIEW Meluha, Bristol

Hubby's Main
My Main
My Gluten Free Naans
 Me and my husband booked a table in Meluha as an anniversary treat. It was in the top 3 Bristol restaurants we've wanted to visit for a good while.

I'd seen other people's reviews of the gluten free food and I mentioned I was GF when I booked the table and the response was very positive. On Twitter, Meluha replied to a tweet I wrote about our anniversary saying that they loved occasions and I should let them know when our booking was.

A combination of these things meant that I was pretty excited when we arrived.

Firstly, I was a little surprised at the prices, for example £17 for some mains. I did some quick sums and worked out how much the meal would cost if we went ahead and ordered the amount we normally would. We under ordered as a result but thankfully we got plenty to eat and didn't leave hungry. We probably ordered the right amount - for once!

I tried to order a couple of things from the menu assuming t…

Kabuto Gluten Free Noodles

My Review I'm a little obsessed with noodles. It started when I worked from home for a couple of years. I would make a quick noodle dish for my lunch; Hot water over the noodles, then fry some spices and sweet chilli sauce in a little oil, add whatever meat/veg was in the fridge and serve together with oodles chilli oil.

I would use chopsticks too. I just love the whole experience of having a steaming bowl of noodles.
My office now doesn't even have a kitchen (I know, right?) and it has really limited my lunch options.

When Kabuto posted on twitter about their new gluten free noodles I was totally chuffed. I've seen their other products in local delis etc. Their packaging always stood out to me and the flavours sounded delicious. Then I found out that they are based in Bristol! Well, all the best people are.

They very kindly sent me a sample box and I was very happy to have lunch sorted for the week.
Kabuto pride themselves on being an 'instant noodle' without th…