Gluten Free is a Fad

It was Coeliac Awareness week last week and the media seems to have responded to that this week with countless articles about gluten free being 'a fad'.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of a multi billion pound industry known as the pharmaceutical industry that has a huge amount of control over medical research and subsequent advice given out by GPs. Changing your diet to rid yourself of aches, pains and itches is flying in the face of this industry. It is more normal to seek medication to treat the symptom, rather than to examine what is going into the body and how that is affecting our health and wellbeing.

The gluten free food business is growing exponentially and is already worth £175 million in the UK alone. The 'overnight' rise of the gluten free food business is clearly causing some suspicion.

If we add up people with Coeliac disease, people with Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity, people who just feel like crap after eating bread and people who have done the research and found out how gluten messes with your blood sugar we have a huge market for gluten free food.

Demand is only going to increase as more people get diagnosed with Coeliac disease and the modern diet takes it's toll on our fragile bowels.

Going gluten free can make you feel better after years of pain, discomfort and embarrassment, and it is in no way an easy fix.

I'm sure you can still find one or two people in the world whose diet of the week is 'Gluten Free', accompanied with much eye rolling from the rest of the office.

I get told about these people all the time.
There was the woman who demanded everything gluten free from the kitchen then ordered a beer, there was the woman who was gluten free until she got pregnant and then it 'didn't matter as she was eating for two', there was the colleague who proudly cut out bread from their diet, then consumed countless doughnuts and biscuits.

I find it only mildly annoying that I'm associated with the above because I'm comforted every day when I remember how I used to feel and how great I feel now. And I'm reminded every now and then exactly why my 'lifestyle' is so important when I'm accidentally glutened.

Let me some it all up by saying - if I really had a choice...i.e. if I could choose the above bread rather than the below, if I could eat what I liked without any consequences, don't you think I would? I mean, you're basically accusing us of being a bit mental.


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