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Gluten Free is a Fad

It was Coeliac Awareness week last week and the media seems to have responded to that this week with countless articles about gluten free being 'a fad'.

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of a multi billion pound industry known as the pharmaceutical industry that has a huge amount of control over medical research and subsequent advice given out by GPs. Changing your diet to rid yourself of aches, pains and itches is flying in the face of this industry. It is more normal to seek medication to treat the symptom, rather than to examine what is going into the body and how that is affecting our health and wellbeing.

The gluten free food business is growing exponentially and is already worth £175 million in the UK alone. The 'overnight' rise of the gluten free food business is clearly causing some suspicion.

If we add up people with Coeliac disease, people with Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity, people who just feel like crap after eating bread and people who have done the res…

Eat a Pitta, Bristol

Look into my falafels, you are feeling hungry, very hungry.

Just £2.50 will get you an overflowing funtainer of felicious fluten free, fegetarian, freshly frepared, falafelly goodness from Bristol's Eat a Pitta.

From the website - 'Unless otherwise stated all our food is dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free and vegan friendly.'

You will find them in St Nicholas' Market Glass Arcade (food quarter) and, since a couple of months ago, in front of Boots in Broadmead.

Get in my face!

* Wheaty pitta breads are also available.

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Coeliac Awareness Week

A friend was recently diagnosed with Coeliac disease and it made me realise that I know relatively little about it. My friend was told to go away and look up Coeliac disease online. She wasn't given a dietitian or anything more useful than a print-out, which I think is shocking.

Increasing Coeliac awareness will not only ensure that more people get diagnosed but it will also ensure that when they do, they will have a good idea of what is involved in going gluten free and know where to get the much needed support.

I tried to advise on where to eat out, where to buy food, where to find recipes etc but I can't advise on how to manage symptoms, how to avoid cross contamination, how to manage BBQs, having children, going into hospital etc etc. It is a mine-field and I realise that I get away with murder in comparison.

The gluten free Twitter community is fantastic - I can't recommend Twitter enough to Coeliacs. My Twitter friends also recommended this fantastic book by Alex Ga…

Fillin Station Cafe, Bristol *CLOSED*

I popped into the Fillin Station because there was a sign in the window saying gluten free bread was available. Yet again, I let my tummy lead the way. I'd just finished a morning of volunteering and I was hungry! I wasn't sure what to order so I had a chat to the lovely owner, who easily talked me into a 3 cheese and onion toastie.

While I waited, I took in the menu boards. I was pretty taken back by what I saw! The owner explained that she saw a gap in the market, Stoke's Croft is a hippy/studenty area and no-one was offering vegan breakfasts. She added gluten free items too after she realised how hard it is to find gluten free food in cafes. I think I told her that she deserved a saint-hood :)

As I sat eating my toastie on a bench in Broadmead, I wondered why the Fillin Station isn't more well know in the GF world. You'll find it only a short walk away from the centre of town and it is still one of the few places in the area offering GF food every day.

Check it…