The City Bakehouse, Cardiff

I've been trying to get to The City Bakehouse for aeons. I was born in Cardiff and all my family come from there. Things seem to take a long time to reach South Wales, as anyone who grew up there will know! It is therefore pretty exciting that Cardiff has an actual gluten free cafe - and I hope that this will inspire many people to check it out and support the great work those guys are doing.

The cafe is tucked away in a little row of shops along Caerphilly road, a short drive from the city centre and an even shorter drive to one of my favourite places in Wales, Roath Park.

I hadn't planned what I was going to eat, so when I walked in and was faced with a glass cabinet of gluten free treats, I chose a chocolate orange cake and a latte (with soya milk) before I'd even realised what I was doing!

I checked out the menu after we sat down and found out that pretty much everything on the menu was available gluten free. Crumpets! Waffles! Darn.

We ate up and I ordered takeaway toasted sarnies for a picnic in Roath Park, a ham and cheese on GF bread for me and a brie and bacon with cranberry sauce on wholemeal for my husband.

A freshly prepared, take-away gluten free lunch - doesn't happen often does it?

The City Bakehouse, 11 Thornhill Road, Rhiwbina, Cardiff, CF14 6PD


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