My Love Affair With A Crusty Cob

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me tweeting about my new found love - DS Frozen White Rolls!

I can't help it. Egg and gluten free bread is extremely hard to find and much, much harder to make.

I was primarily buying the DS ciabatta rolls for a couple of years. Tesco briefly stocked Yes! You Can Bread which was fantastic, but then it disappeared.

Recently DS launched a pack of frozen white rolls that you bake at home in 8 minutes.

I buy a pack every few days now and keep finding new uses for them.

Once baked, they have the texture of crusty cobs (Welsh people will know what I mean!) - something that I really miss. Crusty cobs with lashings of marge and a couple of slices of tongue were part of my childhood!

The rolls make excellent burger buns, buns for chip sandwiches, tuna mayo sandwiches, cheese on toast and something I discovered last Friday night after a few ciders - leftover fishcake butties!*

Egg free or not, try these rolls out. Convenient, freshly baked gluten free bread - DS have done it again!

*My GF fishcakes are super easy: boil potatoes and mash, add a tbsp of rice flour or potato starch and mix. Make a paste of one stick of lemongrass and a few spring onions, fry off and add 1/2 tsp garlic salt and 1/2 tsp paprika, salt and pepper, then tinned pink salmon. Heat through, then add mixture to the mash. Using two large spoons, form a ball from the mixture and drop onto a plate dusted with rice flour. Pat down into a pattie and flip over to coat both sides (you could also use breadcrumbs). Grill and brown on both sides.


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