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The Better Food Company, Bristol

More kek!
Spicy goodness!
Pies! Finger!
No dairy here! 
Bank Holiday Treats!
The Better Food Company's tag-line is 'The best organic and local food comes to Bristol'.  Us Bristolians certainly have it good.
I'd expected fresh bread, organic fruit and veg, local ales and ciders and a cafe offering homemade cakes and veggie delights. I was not expecting the abundance of gluten free, egg free, dairy free and vegan products in the chiller. Or the racks of free from goods from many familiar brands and a few rarer brands. 
You'll find obscure cooking ingredients (almond butter, coconut sugar, millet flour etc - I found powdered almond milk!!) here and a comfy place for a dairy free mocha and a slice of cake.
Arty pic I took at The Yard
The St Werburghs shop is next to a fantastic arts and crafts shop and nearby you'll find St Werburghs City Farm and a fascinating 'village' The Yard, the result of a sustainable house building project. Relax in The Farm p…

My Love Affair With A Crusty Cob

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed me tweeting about my new found love - DS Frozen White Rolls!

I can't help it. Egg and gluten free bread is extremely hard to find and much, much harder to make.

I was primarily buying the DS ciabatta rolls for a couple of years. Tesco briefly stocked Yes! You Can Bread which was fantastic, but then it disappeared.

Recently DS launched a pack of frozen white rolls that you bake at home in 8 minutes.

I buy a pack every few days now and keep finding new uses for them.

Once baked, they have the texture of crusty cobs (Welsh people will know what I mean!) - something that I really miss. Crusty cobs with lashings of marge and a couple of slices of tongue were part of my childhood!

The rolls make excellent burger buns, buns for chip sandwiches, tuna mayo sandwiches, cheese on toast and something I discovered last Friday night after a few ciders - leftover fishcake butties!*

Egg free or not, try these rolls out. Convenient, freshly bake…

The UK Gluten Free Sunday Roast Guide!

After the popularity of my UK Gluten Free Beer Guide, I now bring you the Sunday Roast Guide!  All pubs/restaurants listed here have been verified as serving a gluten free roast with gluten free gravy. 
The list is accurate as of April 2014, confirmed either via the venue's website or via personal recommendation through Twitter etc. As before, please feel free to recommend your local. Leave a comment below or tweet me! (@likeazebora)

Northern Ireland 
x 1

12-18 Bradbury Place, Belfast BT7 1RS
Also serve GF desserts and 3 GF beers

Scotland North
x 1

The Marcliffe Hotel and Spa
Middleton of Pifodels, N Deeside Road, Cults, Pitfodels, Aberdeen AB15 9YA  *The Marcliffe will close at the end of March 2015.

Scotland South 
x 1

The Star Hotel
18 Main St, Twynholm, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway DG6 4NT
*Gluten free Yorkshires

North East 
x 1

South Causey Inn
Beamish …

The City Bakehouse, Cardiff

I've been trying to get to The City Bakehouse for aeons. I was born in Cardiff and all my family come from there. Things seem to take a long time to reach South Wales, as anyone who grew up there will know! It is therefore pretty exciting that Cardiff has an actual gluten free cafe - and I hope that this will inspire many people to check it out and support the great work those guys are doing.

The cafe is tucked away in a little row of shops along Caerphilly road, a short drive from the city centre and an even shorter drive to one of my favourite places in Wales, Roath Park.

I hadn't planned what I was going to eat, so when I walked in and was faced with a glass cabinet of gluten free treats, I chose a chocolate orange cake and a latte (with soya milk) before I'd even realised what I was doing!

I checked out the menu after we sat down and found out that pretty much everything on the menu was available gluten free. Crumpets! Waffles! Darn.

We ate up and I ordered takeaway t…

DIY Gluten Free Muesli

One supermarket's gluten free cereal
My home-made version, bagged up and ready to go
Delicious and nutritious cereal, served with almond milk
I was inspired to make my own cereal after wasting a heap of cash on a handful of 'Fruit and Fibre' from Morrisons. As you can see from the pic, there was just enough in the box for the few bowls and a lot of that was dust.
I bought a box of 'Morning Puffs Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flakes' from Vit Shop (one of my favourite sites for buying free from things, speedy delivery too.)  I chopped up some dried apricot and dates, added ground flaxseed and stirred well. This was to ensure that the fruit wouldn't stick to itself or the flakes in big chunks. Then in a big bowl, I added the flakes, dried banana, pumpkin seeds, chopped walnuts, flaxseeds and the dried apricot and dates mixture. I tried to keep nuts to a minimum because of the calorie content (even though I love them so, it seems that they can turn an otherwise h…