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RECIPE New Improved Tortillas!

The new and improved tortilla, with added potato!

My new secret ingredient was purchased on a whim from Wai Yee Hong. 500g of potato starch for 75p. Somewhere in my brain attic was a recollection about potato starch (PS from now on, lazy me) being good for lighter baking.

However, the first thing I used it for was gravy. You see PS listed as a thickener on a lot of things so I experimented and made my own instant gravy. Marmite, beef stock cube, pepper, touch of brown sugar, hot water and a couple of tablespoons of PS and blimey – it’s gravy!

I have other plans for the PS; perhaps it’ll help me in my quest for the ultimate GF, EF and DF brownie? Or maybe sort my issues with cookies? (So dry! OMG so dry...) I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, here’s how I used the magikal PS to improve my usual tortilla recipe.


100g potato starch
60g cornmeal
150g plain GF flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp vegetable oil
250ml boiling water


Mix together the flours and salt.

Gluten Free at King Arthur's Arms, Tintagel, Cornwall

If you’re ever in Tintagel, check out the gluten free offerings at The King Arthur’s Arms.

They had a specials board with these tempting gluten free desserts and a page in the menu with their gluten free offerings (mainly ham and chips etc – but at least they’re making an effort!)
I only stopped here for a quick Rattler before heading back to the campsite for BBQ madness but if you go, let me know how you got on!
Cornwall is great for gluten free finds. Check out Gluten Free Mrs D's blog for a cracking list of other places to try.

And They're Always Glad You Came...

The Stable recently opened up a branch in Bristol, on a popular strip of restaurants along the harbourside.

Great location, great concept, big communal tables for eating and socialising and they do gluten free pizza bases.

Just one problem, word got out. It’s full in there, really rammed, like a wasps nest.

I called to book a table and was told that they only take bookings for 8 + people. I was told ‘yeeaahh, it won’t be a problem, just turn up. We have a million really big tables.’

We turned up and half the restaurant was reserved and there was a queue for the remaining tables.

Yeah. I’m good thanks.

So I took my friends to Toro. I knew we’d get great gluten free food, amazing service and excellent value for money.

Pork Chop in Cantonese Sauce on Sizzling Plate Sticky flavoursome meaty goodness 
Char Kuay Teow Epic prawns in delicious spicy noodles.
And I still can't get over what they did for my birthday last time we went! (Fireworks and wine - because they couldn't find me…

Ilumi Gluten Free Food

Ilumi launched their ‘free from’ food products this spring and have already become a staple for many coeliacs.
Ilumi make 'delicious foods for pleasure and well being' and they are committed to producing allergy friendly food that you can put your trust in.

Their handy pouches are easy to store, last for ages, are great for taking on holiday and are an excellent aid to home cooking, saving hours behind the stove.

What is remarkable about Ilumi is the home cooked flavours, something you really don’t expect from heat-and-serve food stuffs.

I received a few samples in the post. Some ready to eat, some to be used as part of a bigger meal.

I took the Chicken Cacciatora, Spanish Style Rice & Vegetables, Thai Chicken Soup and Slow Cooked Lamb Casserole (all gluten, dairy and egg free) into work and enjoyed them straight from a bowl. These pouches are relatively low calorie too. Great if you're on the 2:5 diet.

The Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce was the stand out product for me. …