Maddie's Kitchen Supper Club

I was extremely lucky to be involved in the inaugural Maddie’s Kitchen supper club on Saturday night.

The food was suitable for those on gluten, dairy and egg free diets as well as for those on a vegan and paleo diet.

I was looking forward to trying some new things and getting inspiration for my own cooking at home. And most of all, being cooked for and not having to worry about double checking the food was 'free from.' The desserts looked superb - for once I wouldn't have to sigh at the dessert menu and forlornly hand it back to the waitress!

As the pictures above testify, the dishes were simple and refined, yet for anyone who has tried to cook in this way, incredibly complex and challenging. The cashew nut cheese, the cauliflower rice, the avocado and pistachio 'ice cream' - so many different tastes and sensations for the palette and so beautifully presented.

The conversation around the table centered on diagnosis, GP woes (I am not the only one, hoorah!), health benefits of a free from or paleo diet and why we reckon that our way of eating is best (less GM foods etc). It was great speaking to people who were so clued up on food and nutrition and it has made me look at a few things in a new light.

If you get the chance to go to one of Maddie's future events, we can highly recommend it (don't be afraid to take non fussy eaters, my husband also found it very interesting as someone who enjoys trying new foods.)

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The next supper club dates are:

Saturday 13th July - Caribbean flavours

Saturday 14th September - Autumnal feast

Perhaps I'll see you there!


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