RECIPE Turkey Escalopes with American Style Gravy

Lovely No Egg. Is there nothing it can’t do? Well, I’m not brave enough to try the meringue recipe on the back of the box but!...I have now successfully used it for making breadcrumbs stick to meat!

Here’s my very simple recipe for making turkey escalopes; great with veg and mash, in a bun or sliced up and served with salad. What a lovely lunch idea!

Prepare your dredging station. rice flour in one bowl, around 100g of No Egg mixed with water in a second bowl and fill another with breadcrumbs (I used around 1 slice of Yes! You Can bread per steak and blitzed in the blender along with some herbs and spices and seasoning.)

Take a raw turkey steak and place it between two sheets of cling film. Bash it with a meat tenderizer or rolling pin until it is around 1” thick all over.

Dredge the steaks in the rice flour and shake off the excess. Then dredge in the ‘egg’ and then quickly transfer to the breadcrumbs and coat thoroughly.

Place the steaks into 2-3” of hot oil (or a deep fat fryer). Maintain a moderate heat (sorry I can’t be more specific, we have an electric hob and we had it on number 6!) and cook each steak for around 3 minutes on each side until the steak has cooked all the way through.

To make a quick gravy, put around 100g of dairy free spread (I use Vitalite) in a saucepan and melt over a low heat. Slowly add in around 100g of sieved rice flour, stirring continuously.
Keep stirring until the flour starts to colour. Add half a pint of stock and cook for a further 5 minutes. Season to taste.

Something a bit different from the 'one pot specials' we normally make but sooo good!


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