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Gluten Free Chip Shop Curry Sauce

My homemade gluten free chip shop style curry sauce
You won't get over how similar it is to the real thing
It's been a long time since I've spent a whole evening on one website. Remember the old days when websites were full of amazement and we had longer attention spans?

My sister gave me the link to Titli's Busy Kitchen after we were talking about making restaurant style curry at home. I must have watched 20 videos on Titli's website in one sitting. The woman is a genius - but also totally tapped. The Alien pastiche in her calamari video is completely bonkers.

My sister is a big fan of Titli's Chinese curry sauce recipe. This got me thinking - how many people out there are missing curry sauce because they can't have gluten?

My own version took some tweaking and is quite different to Titli's. The key is to go overboard with all the ingredients - my first versions didn't work because I was being reserved with my measurements!

The result is a thic…

Italian Tomato Sauce Reserves

If there’s one cupboard staple I hate paying for, it’s pasta sauce.

A basic tomato sauce for pasta is so easy to make but takes a little time to prepare and a while to cook. So rather than cooking some from scratch every time or paying through the nose for the jars, why not make up a big pot of it and freeze it?

This simple yet obvious idea struck me the other day and I just kept thinking ‘why haven’t I thought of this before?’

A big pot of sauce can be frozen in several Tupperware containers and then defrosted for gluten free pizza topping, bolognaise, meatballs, chilli can carne, soup or just a really simple pasta dish for a super quick dinner.

You’ll need:

4-5 packets of passata
Fresh tomatoes
Tomato puree
Sundried tomatoes and their oil
Roasted vegetables – we roasted red peppers then peeled off the skin
Garlic – you can roast in with the peppers
A couple of chillis – fresh or dried and de-seeded
Assorted herbs, such as basil and oregano
Lots of seasoning and a touch of suga…