REVIEW Coral Quay, Bath

Mexican Street Food Salad with chicken, avocado, nuts and pink grapefruit.with a mango and chilli dressing

Courgette and pistachio cake

Looking for lunch in Bath last weekend was very much like that scene in Forest Gump where Forest gets on a bus and, as he walks down it looking for a seat, each boy says “this seat’s taken”.

It’s not just that it was busy, it was the way we were made to feel like an inconvenience. In one cafe we were informed very abruptly that there were no tables. And all I was doing was having a quick look at the cakes!

So, Bath is beautiful and I could wander around it for hours. But like the most popular girl in school, Bath knows it.

Just as I was starting to convince myself that I should never leave Bristol, we discovered Coral Quay.

It has a fairtrade shop on the ground floor selling beautiful silver jewellery, Mexican textiles, African carvings, handmade trinket boxes and loads of other stuff my inner hippy can't get enough of.

Then I noticed a hand written sign saying that the cafe upstairs sold gluten free food :D

At this point I would have been happy with a few dry crackers *the hunger*. However, we went inside and I geared myself up for the usual offering of a gluten free brownie or perhaps a forlorn looking flapjack.

I was met with a range of fresh soups with gluten free rolls, a wonderful range of interesting salads, a selection of cakes (including the obligatory brownies, but also a very decadent courgette and pistachio cake) AND I could get soya milk for my tea :)

The breakfast menu also looked fantastic – GF eggs Benedict!

The decor was simple and serene with a few of the nick nacks from the shop dotted around and the service was friendly if a little haphazard (I think they were unprepared for how busy it was.)

Overall, a great find – a little haven for awkward eaters.

CoralQuay Fairtrade Ltd
8/9 New Bond Street Place


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