RECIPE Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free Trifle

This recipe is so simple and I am a little annoyed with myself that I haven't done it before! 10 years without trifle is too long!!!

How often do you see a gluten free trifle recipe? Or a dairy free recipe for that matter?

Trifle is also very cheap to make but looks pretty fancy served in individual glasses as I have done (pictured.)

Makes 5-6 mini trifles or one big trifle


1 packet jelly (you can make this a vegan dessert if you use vegan jelly at this point.)
1 or 2 packs of Alpro Vanilla Soya Desserts (4 in a pack. You need around 2/3 of a pot for 1 serving.)
Batch of fairy cakes - I use the recipe for Victoria Sponge from the back of the Dove's Farm Plain Flour packet, and divide into cake cases.
Fruit - I used blackberries
Dark chocolate 70% cocoa - I buy mine from Aldi. Gluten free and so good!


Make cupcakes using a basic sponge recipe, using gluten free flour, dairy free milk and Orgran No Egg.
Once cooled, slice the cakes in half horizontally.
Make the jelly using the instructions on the packet.
Get your glasses/bowls/ramekins ready.
Put the bottom half of a cake in each glass and cover with jelly.
Leave to set in the fridge for at least an hour.
Add a layer of fruit (and anything else you fancy; syrup, nuts etc.) (Repeat for each glass.)
Add the top half of the cake.
Cover with the soya dessert.
Grate chocolate over the top.
Put back in the fridge for another hour to chill and then serve!

The sponge within the jelly will go to a delicious mush but the cake layer above will keep some of its bite.
If you're not serving this to kids, add a splash of booze (sherry etc.) to the sponge at the bottom before you add the jelly. (Not too much or the jelly won't set!)


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