Gluten Free in Cheddar, Somerset

Heading up the gorge


Derricks' Menu

We spent Saturday afternoon in Cheddar which is just 40 minutes away from Bristol by car.
I had originally planned to visit the garden centre and come back home but we decided to stop in the town and find somewhere for a late lunch. After wandering around and taking in the sights, we found Derrick's Tea Rooms, and they were just about to close. This was just as I spotted gluten free cream teas on the menu!

So while I can't offer you a review of the cafe, you can check out some reviews on Trip Advisor, which includes a review from someone who tried the gluten free cream tea.

Cheddar was clearly 'off-season' when we visited but we really enjoyed wandering around. It really is a quirky place to visit, like a ski resort as imagined by Bognor tourism department in the 70's. Local cheese and cider is everywhere you turn but the eating out options are rather poor. Our lunch at The Riverside Inn was very disappointing. I've always thought that it's quite hard to mess up steak and chips. I was proved wrong here (and waited around an hour in an empty restaurant for the lesson.)

But we will be back! And we will bring walking boots, see the caves and eat all the scones!

I'd love to hear from anyone who's eaten out in Cheddar so we can hopefully get a good meal next time we go.


  1. Hi sorry about your disappointing lunch at the riverside, if you go into the main village in cheddar there is a few nice cafes. One of which, called The Cafe does some gluten free options. They have cakes and jacket pots with nice toppings, soup with gluten free bread or toast, and full or mini breakfasts which can be made gluten free. :-) lovely atmosphere too! Happy visiting x

  2. Ooo, I was planning on going to Cheddar with some friends as it's about the same time away from us, I might have to give it a try :)


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