A Week in my Shoes

Even if you don’t go crazy over Christmas, the new year seems like a good time to start eating more healthily or lose a few pounds.
My husband has been trying to shift a bit of weight for a while and I could see that he was getting a bit fed up. Last Saturday I made a crazy suggestion – Why not try eating like me for a couple of weeks? After all, I am on a pretty extreme diet – no eggs, no dairy, no gluten, and I’m pretty happy with my weight which has been fairly steady since I went ‘free from’. My diet also has the advantage of being good for bloating and it’s low(ish) on carbs. And it’s kinder on the environment as it involves less cereal, dairy and poultry farming.  I often feel a bit smug that no animals had to be harmed so I could have breakfast!

My husband already eats the same for me for dinner, but he’s partial to toast for breakfast and tuna mayo sandwiches for lunch. He also tends to have a naughty ‘something in a slice of bread’ while he’s waiting for dinner to cook.

Putting my husband on the ‘Debra Diet’ is a very interesting experiment.

I set out some rules.

He has to have exactly the same to eat and drink as me. (The only exclusion is milk in tea. I felt that making him have soya milk was a bit much and that if the diet went well, maybe we could work up to that!)

I would plan the menu and if I snacked during the day, I would text him so that he could snack too. The snack would need to be the same or a calorie equivalent.

We would try the diet for 2 weeks and see if it made any difference to his weight or general wellbeing.

The first thing I noticed after commencing the experiment was – The Cost. Twice the free from essentials like bread, cereal, yoghurt etc really increased our shopping bill.

Secondly, I do snack. And I have naughty snacks like milk chocolate. Having a diet buddy definitely makes you notice these things!

Thirdly, my diet could do with more variety. My lunches in particular are hardly inspired. Must try harder.

This diet is free from eggs, dairy and gluten. Please note - I occasionally use foods with' no gluten containing ingredients' which are not certified as ‘gluten free’.

If you were ever interested in doing the ‘Debra Diet’, here’s a sample diet for one week:

Breakast - Granola, yoghurt, banana
Lunch - Soup
Dinner - Fishcakes, salad

Breakfast - Granola, yoghurt, banana
Lunch - Soup
Dinner - Jerk chicken with rice, peas and sweetcorn, broccoli

Breakfast - Toast with marmalade
Lunch - Soup
Dinner - Ribs or pork chops with new potatoes, salad

Breakfast - Porridge with fruit
Lunch - Tuna salad with balsamic dressing
Dinner - Meatballs (I tend to use Scan Swedish Meatballs but you make your own), pasta sauce and spaghetti

Breakfast - Porridge with fruit
Lunch - Tuna salad with balsamic dressing
Dinner - Chilli con carne with rice, nachos

Breakfast - Porridge with raisins, seeds and nuts
Lunch - Sausages, potato waffles, beans
Dinner - Leftover Chilli with salad in tortilla wraps (Recipe 1, recipe 2)

Brunch - Pancakes
Dinner - Fish in batter or breadcrumbs (use GF bread and egg substitute) with potato wedges and salad

Generally between lunch and dinner if you are really hungry - Apple rice cakes, cashews, dark chocolate, popcorn, Pom Bears, Nakd bars, fruit.

A few notes on the above

Soup - generally from a tin, Sainsbury's has the best selection of own brand soup without flour. You can also find free from soup in the supermarkets and you could also try Look What We Found! soups. Of course, you can also make your own! Squash and chorizo is a favourite of mine.

Alternative lunches - rice noodles, pasta salad, toasted sandwiches (I use Yes! You Can bread which is gluten and egg free), Amy's Kitchen frozen meals.

Granola - I buy Sainsbury's own brand free from though you can easily make your own using gluten free oats.

Porridge - I've started using Sainsbury's own brand rice and buckwheat porridge which is delicious with some banana, seeds, raisins and pecans mixed in!

Yoghurt - I generally use Alpro products


One week in, I've lost 1.5 pounds and I feel great! Hubby is going to wait until the end of week 2 for the weigh in. I'll keep you updated!


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