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REVIEW Toro Pan Asian, Park Street, Bristol

How do you read a restaurant review? If you’re anything like me, you skip to the descriptions of the food. Food writers don’t half waffle.
So, let’s skip to the juicy bit!
The Food
We read the Bristol Bites review before we arrived and ordered two dishes mentioned in the post and an additional ‘filler’. The dishes were Waterfall Beef and Szechuan Aubergines and the filler was Crispy Pork Belly, Chinese Vegetables and Rice.

As expected the Waterfall Beef was spicy and big. Very spicy and very big and so, so many kinds of right. If it had contained rice noodles I would have tried to marry it. When you eat it, you realise where the name comes from. Large tears were streaming down my face as I was eating/slurping it. And the mysterious veg items made it feel like a wonderful undersea world of burn.

We needed something plain to take away the pain. We tucked into the pork belly and rice. Soothing rice but the pork belly was anything but plain. I think we both said it was the best pork belly we’ve…

Ultimate Porridge!

I call this Ultimate Porridge because it's tasty, healthy, packed with fibre and it’ll keep you going until lunch time.
Porridge – I use Sainsbury’s free from Rice and Buckwheat Porridge (link). This is a good porridge if you're intolerant or allergic to oats as well as gluten. (Check out the Coeliac UK website for a little more on gluten and oats.) - Buckwheat can lower cholesterol! 1 banana - Energy! 1 tsp flaxseed - Soluble and insoluble fibre and anti boob cancer! 1 tsp chopped pecans - I usually just crumble 2-3 of these up into the bowl - B vitamins! 1 tbsp raisins or sultanas - or any dried fruit of your choice - Fibre and antioxidants! Soya Milk – I use Alpro Light - No animal fat and lower in sugar than cow's milk!
In a bowl, add around a handful of the porridge and cover with milk. Microwave for 2 minutes.
Add the other ingredients and mix, then return to the microwave for a further 30 seconds.
Stir through and mush up the banana, add a little more milk and return t…

A Week in my Shoes

Even if you don’t go crazy over Christmas, the new year seems like a good time to start eating more healthily or lose a few pounds.
My husband has been trying to shift a bit of weight for a while and I could see that he was getting a bit fed up. Last Saturday I made a crazy suggestion – Why not try eating like me for a couple of weeks? After all, I am on a pretty extreme diet – no eggs, no dairy, no gluten, and I’m pretty happy with my weight which has been fairly steady since I went ‘free from’. My diet also has the advantage of being good for bloating and it’s low(ish) on carbs. And it’s kinder on the environment as it involves less cereal, dairy and poultry farming.  I often feel a bit smug that no animals had to be harmed so I could have breakfast!

My husband already eats the same for me for dinner, but he’s partial to toast for breakfast and tuna mayo sandwiches for lunch. He also tends to have a naughty ‘something in a slice of bread’ while he’s waiting for dinner to cook.


Gluten Free in Cheddar, Somerset

Heading up the gorge
Derricks' Menu
We spent Saturday afternoon in Cheddar which is just 40 minutes away from Bristol by car.
I had originally planned to visit the garden centre and come back home but we decided to stop in the town and find somewhere for a late lunch. After wandering around and taking in the sights, we found Derrick's Tea Rooms, and they were just about to close. This was just as I spotted gluten free cream teas on the menu!

So while I can't offer you a review of the cafe, you can check out some reviews on Trip Advisor, which includes a review from someone who tried the gluten free cream tea.

Cheddar was clearly 'off-season' when we visited but we really enjoyed wandering around. It really is a quirky place to visit, like a ski resort as imagined by Bognor tourism department in the 70's. Local cheese and cider is everywhere you turn but the eating out options are rather poor. Our lunch at The Riverside Inn was very disappointing. I…

Italian Celebration Feast

Hey New Year’s Eve! An excellent excuse to dress up, dance, sing and embrace with strangers in dark rooms, with expensive drinks and minimal possibilities of getting home!

Or...the much better option which is cooking a slap up meal with your loved one :)

Only this year I was caught by surprise. It was NYE morning and I realised I hadn’t planned...the menu! *The shame*

I asked a colleague for suggestions and I was given this recipe for a delicious baked risotto. All the flavour of risotto, without the work.

But what to have as our starter?

I searched online for Italian starters. Many, many (naturally gluten free, but not very inspiring) recipes for salads, seafood and roasted vegetables.

And then I remembered my meal at Bruchetta! Crunchy calamari, stone baked pizza and gnocchi. Could I replicate the calamari at home?

Once I’d hunted down the wicked squid, (it’s almost impossible to find in the supermarket the week after Christmas! I found frozen rings but I would have preferred fresh…