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RECIPE Sprout Bhajis!

This week's recipe challenge set by The Gluten Freak is a 'modern twist on a Christmas classic'.

So ladies and gentleymen I bring you - sprout bhajis!

What better way to use up those leftover sprouts?

Not many people react positively when I mention my sprout bhajis, but I promise you, you will love them!

I cook my Christmas day sprouts with pancetta or lardons and onion. For the bhajis, slice up the leftover sprouts and place in a bowl with any spices you like - ginger, chilli and coriander are perfect and add a teaspoon of turmeric for colour and garam masala for taste.

Then add 200g of gram flour (chickpea flour, naturally gluten free) and 200ml of cold water. Add to that a teaspoon of cornflour, (I find that cornflour adds a lovely crunch to any batter) a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, season and mix together thoroughly.

Heat up a pan of veg or sunflower oil (2" in a wide pan or use a deep fat fryer or chip pan). Test the heat of oil by dropping in a small amount o…

A Trip Back to Atomic Burger

On my 3rd visit to Atomic Burger (restaurants in Bristol and Oxford) for a delicious gluten free burger, I was given this laminated guide to gluten free eating at the restaurant! Do you need any more reasons to go there?

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Christmas with IBS