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Gluten Free Pizza - Battle of the Pizza Chains

Pizza Hut
Apparently is quite common in the gluten eating world to have your favourite take away big brand pizza. Some love a Domino's, some prefer Pizza Hut, some go mad for Pizza Express. I've never been privy to such things, this all passed me by before I went gluten free.
When I press people for further details, it seems to come down to the crust, the quality of toppings and the general feeling of wrongness(or not) upon completion of the pizza...
Wrongness after eating a takeaway is a feeling that I'm very familiar with so I wasn't hugely bothered about the Domino's and Pizza Hut's recent introduction of gluten free pizzas. However I went out and tried both for research purposes (honest guvnor) ;)
Both times I seemed to be the first person to order the gluten free pizza and both times the shop/restaurant staff seemed quite excited and a little nervous. Both times I collected the pizza - the Pizza Hut because my local shop didn't have the b…