Atkins and Potts Sauces

These saucy sauces came from the Atkins and Potts catalogue. A electronic book of dreams for people like me! I was able to choose from the very clearly labelled gluten, milk and egg free sauces on offer and the sauces were very generously sent to me for review.

I have since seen a couple of the sauces pop up in Tesco, but you can also buy via Tesco online, the Atkins and Potts website or by giving Atkins and Potts a call. Details coming up.

The sauces themselves are genuinely well made and the flavours are fantastic. I tried the proper hot and tasty vindaloo, the boozy and wholesome chasseur and the exotic and full flavoured harissa, great with salmon!
Best of all, you have the convenience of something ready made - convenience is something that all GFers secretly long for!

The popularity of the new gluten free Pizza Hut pizzas and the excitement shown by my fellow GFers upon discovering that Potato Waffles are now gluten free is very revealing! It shows that like everyone else, we just don't have the time to make every meal from scratch. We like to know where our food comes from, but we don't necessarily want to put every meal together by hand.

The products available from Atkins and Potts will have you squealing with delight. 

Pastes, gravies, marinades, dessert sauces, soups and dips - many of which are gluten free, dairy free, egg free or all 3, are available to shuzz (not sure if that's an actual word) up your week nights. 

Telephone: 01635 254 249



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