RECIPE Gluten Free Cornmeal Tortillas

To make authentic tortillas, you need Maseca, which is white maize flour. Maseca makes amazing naturally gluten free tortillas and all you need is the flour and water. However it is pretty tricky to get hold of, not to mention expensive. (I buy mine from the Mexican shop Otomi in Clifton Arcade, Bristol, they also have an online shop. A bag is around £4.)

However I have found a way to make gluten free tortillas using fine cornmeal. I bought a 1.5kg bag in the Sweet Mart in Bristol for £1.39 and you should be able to get it in most big supermarkets in the 'ethnic foods' section. You can also buy it from websites such as Spices of India. *Please note that although the bag says 'gluten free' there is a risk of cross contamination with these products, so please be cautious if you have Celiac Disease or a severe allergy  or intolerance to gluten.

Using Maseca is very simple. You just make a dough from the flour and water. This recipe is a bit more of a faff, but the results are worth it. (My husband remarked that these ones are tastier and have a bit more substance. A controversial opinion!)

Makes 10 tortillas


110g fine cornmeal
200g plain flour (I used Dove's Farm gluten free plain white flour)
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp vegetable oil
225ml boiling water


Mix together the flours and salt.
Add the oil and then the hot water and mix quickly and thoroughly with a fork.
The mixture will initially form small clumps.
Keep working it until the mixture resembles dough.
Leave to cool for a few minutes.
Dust a plate/board with cornmeal.
Roll dough into small balls, about 2" across.
Roll the balls in the cornmeal so that they are coated all over.
Roll the dough balls flat between two pieces of greaseproof paper or press with a tortilla press (worth the investment!)
Cook in a dry non stick frying pan on a high heat for a couple of minutes on each side.

Serve with cheese, refried beans, chillis, chorizo - anything really!


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