Georgia's Choice Gluten Free Chicken Burgers and Nuggets

Georgia's Choice Gluten Free Chicken Burgers and Nuggets

Not far from here, in Wiltshire, lies a small team producing high quality gluten free products. They won an award at this year's Free From Food Awards for their Chicken Bites in the Food Service category and now a retail range is also available.

Red House Foods was started by a husband and wife, who's daughter is both autistic and gluten intolerant.
They are passionate about what they do and their passion translates to their products. Care is taken during production, and ingredients are sourced responsibly.

I was sent their 'Georgia's Choice' chicken burgers and bites to try and I was very impressed. It's been many years since I've had either, and pre-diagnosis, a chicken burger with mayo was one of my favourite things.

We ate both with a salad and chips and they were just great. Just the right amount of crispy breadcrumbs covering good quality chicken and really tasty.

Products like these are just so useful! Being GF usually means planning ahead, a lot of shopping, and cooking everything from scratch. Frozen products help to bring back a little spontaneity and there were times when we just didn't have time to cook a big meal and these saved the day.

Both products are available from selected Tesco and Asda shops and the rest of the products are available to caterers via the website.

Other products available:
Fish cakes
Bean and Vegetable Grill
Spicy Bean Bake
Beef Lasagne
Pasta Bolognese
Macaroni Cheese
Beef Meatballs and Tomato Pasta

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