Gluten Free Burgers at Atomic Burger Bristol

The Fallout Challenge

A Dead Elvis with added peanut butter! (All mine!)

In a way, this blog just needs to say "If you like burgers, can't eat gluten and you're a bit of a spesh nerd, get thee to Atomic Burger" but I feel I should perhaps add a bit more information.

Me and around 13 other foodie types met in the newly opened Atomic Burger on Gloucester Road, Bristol. They already have a very successful branch open in Oxford and word had reached us that this was an experience not to be missed.

The decor is a combination of every toy you ever had as a child of the 80's and every kitsch nerd show ever broadcast - and the menu is equally flamboyant.

I'm not big on nostalgia. When I'm in a pub and the conversation on 'do you remember that thing that was on with the bears and the magical face weazels?' starts, I'm all *yawn*.

However, I was slightly aghast at this place and found myself screeching "oh my god, I had one of those!" against my will.

The food.

I had a burger with a gluten free bun. With gluten free chilli and garlic fries. I hardly noticed that the burger was gluten free. I ate everything and wanted more and I am still drooling when I look at the photos. I was a happy bunny.

The waiter told us (me and Wuthering Bites, my fellow GF blogger and Bristol foodie fanatic) exactly what we could eat before we ordered and made sure that we got served our food first.

And the staff - amazing. They really make you feel welcome and are slightly tapped in the best way possible.

My dining companions had some mixed experiences as you can read here and here but we have been assured that the majority of problems are teething issues caused by the new location etc. I am sure they will go from strength to strength and I can't wait to go back.

Atomic Burger Bristol

189 Gloucester Road
01179 428600

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  1. Oh wow, that looks good! There's an amazing new burger bar near me (Barnstaple, North Devon) that does gluten free burgers (amazing!) and they recently had an elvis special! Wasn't brave enough to go for the peanut butter.....does it work!? Maybe I should go try it! x

  2. Hi! The peanut butter is great. Only problem is that it sticks to the roof of your mouth! What's the place near to you called?


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